Manufacturing is alive and well in the USA

With all its manufacturing, assembly, inspecting, and testing conducted at Zamperini Airfield in Los Angeles County, the Robinson Helicopter Company can truly be considered an American Original. From his initial startup in the mid-’70s, founder Frank Robinson envisioned a high-quality, affordable helicopter that is safe and easy to maintain. By smart engineering a steel tube […]

Comedian Andrew Alexander

Comedian Andrew Alexander is perhaps best known for is role as co-owner and producer of The Second City, an improvisational comedy troupe based in Chicago. Early Life Andrew was born in London, England in March of 1944. His father moved the family to Canada in 1951 following his career in the aeronautics industry. Andrew attended […]

Peter Briger is a genius investor

Successful investment requires time and dedication. Most of the entrepreneurs have failed because they are not willing to take risks. Being a positive thinker is also another aspect that should be considered for those willing to venture into businesses. Peter Briger is one of the few individuals who have worked hard in entrepreneurship to understand […]