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 How to Differentiate Talent on the Hockey Rink and in Business: An Interview with Kristin Ihle Helledy

Kristin Ihle Helledy is the founder of AvanT, a leadership development company. Kristin has over 20 years of experience in business and hockey, and she offers valuable insight on how to differentiate talent in both arenas. In our recent interview, Kristin Ihle Helledy discussed the importance of identifying and developing talent, the challenges of being […]

Data science in business success — Brandon Taubman

With modern data science platforms, businesses can access data anywhere. This includes in-house data sets and data acquired by their software applications. Brandon Taubman identified four critical differences between using data and traditional business intelligence in our conversation. With traditional BI, you must undergo rigorous training to use data appropriately. For instance, you need to […]

 Mentoring the Professionals-Kristin Molinaroli

Kristin Molinaroli is a professional mentor who has served for over 30 years. During his career, Kristin has been helping other professionals reach their goals. To aid her clients effectively, Kristin established an organization known as Avant. Avant is a consulting firm that has been serving high-end individuals. The company offers quality-consulting services and has […]

Maven Accepts Ross Levinsohn as CEO

Ross Levinsohn is a media, technology and communications expert and entrepreneur. His auspicious career began in 1985 with an entrepreneurial launch of a production business. He and a co-founder, who also graduated from American University the same year, successfully operated the business for several years. They sold it and moved on to different opportunities in […]