Alexander PayneAlexander Payne is an American film screenwriter, director, and producer born in 1961. Some films that made him known include Sideways and Citizen Ruth. His films contain satirical depictions of contemporary American society and dark humor.

Mr. Payne has been twice awarded the best Adopted Screenplay from Academy Award. He has also been successfully nominated thrice as the Best Director by the Academy Award. He has also appeared second in Metacritic’s top twenty-five list of best film directors.

Alexander was brought up in Omaha, where he directed his first movie, Citizen Ruth. Before joining Clark Junior High, Mr. Payne schooled at Dundee Elementary School in Omaha. During his high school life, he wrote a humor column that appeared in the school’s newspaper. He also formed part of the editing team for the high school yearbook.

Mr. Payne joined Stanford University, where he studied History and Spanish. He also went to the University of Salamanca in Spain to continue his degree in Spanish. In 1990, Mr. Payne received his MFA from UCLA Film School.


Alexander Payne has written, directed, and produced a lot of movies in his career. Some of the films he wrote and directed include: Citizen Ruth in 1996, Election in the year 1999, and About Schmidt in the year 2002, Sideways in 2004, Nebraska in 2013, The Holdovers in TBA.

Payne wrote, directed, and produced films, including The Descendants of 2011 and Downsizing of 2017. Throughout his career, Mr. Payne has been the executive producer of a number of films, like The Assassination of Richard Nixon in 2004. Gray Matters of 2006, The Savages of 2007, Saidoweizu of 2009, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter of 2014, Crash Pad of 2017, and Small Town Wisconsin of 2020.

Some of the movies Alexander produced only are King of California in 2007 and Cadar Rapids in 2011. He wrote Jurassic Park III in 2001, and I Know You Chuch & Larry in 2007.


Alexander PayneMr. Payne has received several awards for his contemporary and excellent film-making talent from Academy. BAFTA, and Golden Globe Awards. Some of Alexander’s films/movies that were nominated for awards include Election, About Schmidt, Sideways, the Descendants, Nebraska, and downsizing.