Lebanese social entrepreneur Marwan Kheireddine, is inspiring. Five years ago, he was a broke and frustrated young man working at a restaurant in his hometown of Beirut. Today he has set up his own company with hundreds of employees and an international network of investors on board. Marwan’s success story could have been written as fiction. Still, it’s truly inspirational because it’s based on hard work and dedication for Lebanese youth to succeed in areas with few opportunities.

His Achievements

Marwan’s business idea was inspired by a lack of opportunity for young people in Lebanon. He says: ‘I was working at this restaurant in Beirut, and I saw that the youth around me were frustrated and didn’t have good opportunities. But they are the ones that are building Lebanon. If we can help them to achieve their goals, the impact will be huge for us.’

The social entrepreneur says: ‘I was frustrated myself because there were no opportunities for me, so I wanted to help others do better than me. I started with an organization in my city called Bizzybox with my friends. I was waiting for a job, and I saw many people around me waiting for the next opportunity.’

Marwan did what many young people waste their time doing: he spent his time looking at stuff on the Internet. He says: ‘I was surfing the net, like a lot of people do in their free time, and I found that there was this new technology called crowdfunding which can help you get your idea to grow faster.

Marwan aims to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurship in Lebanon, just like the Silicon Valley ecosystem is creating opportunities for youth in the US. He adds: ‘Imagine if we made a startup nation here, how awesome would that be? We have the talent and are trying hard to build that ecosystem. I think it’s possible. I don’t want to see people going abroad just because they are frustrated and counting the days until they go away. I want someone with great ideas who stays in Lebanon and builds something here instead of leaving. More information: https://www.f6s.com/marwan-kheireddine