The Role Alex Pissios Played in Rejuvenating Chicago’s Film and Television Industry

Before Alex Pissios’s 2010 establishment of Cinespace, Chicago was not generally regarded as a major contributor to the film industry. Pissios played a crucial role in Chicago’s prominence in the film and television business over the last decade.

The Windy City now competes with Hollywood and New York in annual production. Alex Pissios sold the 52-stage theater to private equity company TPG Real Estate in November 2021.

Early Life

Pissios was born and brought up on the west side of Chicago. Pissios’s dad is a special ed teacher who gives his students much extra time and effort. Alex had initially intended to follow his father’s career path.

Pissios enrolled at Northeastern Illinois University after completing his secondary studies at the Chicago Public Schools. However, his uncle made him a deal he could not refuse in 1994 when he was starting his profession as a student teacher.

Leading the Cinespace Juggernaut

Alex Pissios’ maternal great-uncle Nick Mirkopoulos was the owner of Cinespace, a successful production company in Toronto. When Mirkopoulos learned of Pissios’ fragile financial situation, he offered him an unusual lifeline. Not only would he settle his great-bankruptcy nephew’s bills, but he would also provide the funding for a studio operation in the Chicago market and place Pissios in control.

Repaying a Favor and Passing it on

Pissios is “genetically inclined” to make the world a good place than he found it, despite his undeniable ambition to achieve. Though he has since built a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, he will never forget the person who saw his potential at his lowest and helped him get back on his feet.

Pissios, having had a similar rebirth, vowed to pave the road for others to experience success after experiencing failure. As Cinespace expanded, he realized it would take more than money to bring the neighborhood back to life. He would have to transform into a force for good in the world economy and society. More to read from Alex Pissios on Medium