Kim Anami is an ambitious person well known for his many talents. One of the things he does is offers relationship advice to couples with the aim of improving their state. She is also a viginal weightlifter who has helped many women lead a healthy life. Kim loves to write books and blogs, which has contributed to her being a good speaker. She loves creating videos teaching people about sex education which she posts on her social media accounts. She continues to change many people’s lives through her excellent lessons to the world.

Kim Anami has a program called Vaginal Kung Fu, which is created to educate all women about the importance of hygiene and maintaining their private parts. The program is aimed at helping most women having difficulties with a sex drive to find and activate their inner self that will lead to good intercourse. Among the things, she outlines are how to increase the libido, how to orgasm, and how to build a healthy vagina, among others. Kim has been campaigning her hashtag on social media pages to show how crucial pelvic strength is for women. She has traveled to many different locations worldwide to carry things as a way of exercising the vagina and, at the same time, teaching women.

Kim has produced two videos, one celebrating her hashtag and the other called orgasmatopia as an education for people. She considers most women not being able to enjoy sex since they don’t know their bodies well, especially the vagina. Therefore her eight-month program is to teach them how to learn about their body in order to enjoy good sex with their partners. Kim has been educating women for decades; she also conducts physical lessons that show the clients exactly how to do the exercise. She continues to create new videos more often to help people have good relationships with their partners.