John Savignano is a Vice President for KPMG Advisory, a global firm that focuses on risk management, strategy consulting, corporate finance, and tax services. In California, he also serves as a CPA and is the author of best-selling white papers such as Accounting Trends to Watch in 2022. John Savignano is a technology expert on the impact of artificial intelligence and blockchain on the accounting profession. In addition, John discusses the role of advanced analytics in providing more accurate forecasts, decision support models, and data analytics to drive better decision-making.

John completed a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at San Diego State University. He earned a Master’s degree in Accounting from Roger Williams University and a Ph.D. in Accounting at Virginia Tech. John completed his CPA Exam while working as a partner in a public accounting firm practicing public accounting for nine years before joining KPMG Advisory as an executive.

John has over 20 years of experience in financial services, especially in auditing, cyber security, and tax. He provides his clients with analytical and technical expertise to understand business processes within organizations. John is a subject matter expert on accounting trends, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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