Isidoro Quiroga is a globally recognized investor for his skills in business management and as an opportunity seeker. He is the CEO and founder of a family holdings group, Asesorias e Inversiones Benjamin S.A. He graduated from the University of Chile with a degree in engineering.

Immediately after finishing college in the 1970s, he began his business career. In 1980, he introduced the kiwi fruit in Chile which was successful. He has managed and invested in many sectors like agriculture, mining, and energy. From 1996-to 2002, he served on the board of Chilean chemical company Soquimich, and from 1995-to 2008 he was the director of Pilmaiquen Electric Company.

Isidoro Quiroga is not limited to any geographical location when it comes to investing, he has invested in North America, Australia, Europe, and South America. His company Asesorias e Inversiones Benjamin S.A invests in companies of different sectors worldwide such as real estate, energy, technology, and agriculture.

In 2003, Isidoro Quiroga bought a certain percentage of shares at Australis, a salmon company that he fully got dedicated to, and in 2007, he acquired the whole company. He formed Australis Seafood which became an international exporting company and in 2017, he sold the company for $880 million to Joyvio, a Chinese company. The sale was one of the most expensive in the salmon industry, with shareholders receiving 15% more.

His managerial skills are prowess, as he was able to turn a local seafood producer into an international company. The Salmon industry was once struck by the infectious salmon anemia virus which led many companies to bankruptcy, but he was able to successfully overcome the crisis and made returns. He is among the world’s top business leaders and investors.

In 2021, he sold Enphase Energy (ENPH) for $819 million which he acquired for $20 million three years ago. The company manufactured and designed home energy solutions, a superior product that was valuable despite the competitors. Under Quiroga management, the price per share rose from $6.00 to over $200.

Enphase Energy became an international dynamo expanding to new markets and in high demand. He continues to look for investment opportunities with new technologies, and Silicon Valley is among his considerations.