Based in Austin, Texas, HillCo Partners is a long running public affairs firm with a multitude of services. Whether it be public policy advisory or regulatory and communications updates, the firm has proven itself as a versatile and powerful player in the political world. The firm itself was first founded in 1998 by Bill Miller and Neal T. ‘Buddy’ Jones. Even before they created their firm, the pair where quite well-known in the political arena.

With Neal leading the team behind the scenes as the lead lobbyist, Bill Miller takes the lead and heads the team as the public face for the firm. This teamwork has allowed the firm to find success that other similar firms would struggle to reach. Their secret, of course, involves more than just their powerful team attacks.


Communication Is The Key To Insight

HillCo Partners has been able to make a name for themselves due to their commitment to proper communication when it comes to clients. Unlike a lot of other companies, this commitment doesn’t just stop at some arbitrary point. The firm makes sure that their clients are up-to-date with everything of note including economic updates. This is a commitment that the team has continued to follow even in recent years.

Some of these most notable figures have shown great trends when it comes to the Texas Labor Market. Aside from continuous growth, there have been other metrics that have also showed positive signs. Unemployment, for example, dropped down to 4.7% in February 2022 compared to 6.6% from the previous year. Not just that, the number of unemployed Texas residents has also been reduced compared to the previous year. All-in-all, the Texas economy has seen continued and steady growth from the past year. This is a welcome sign that shows that the state is recovering quite well from the pandemic.


The Power Of Economic Updates

It’s no wonder why this Texas-based public affairs firm has been able to find as much success as they do. With powerful teamwork from their founders combined with a strict promise to proper communication, this HillCo Partners can only continue to grow.