PosiGen is a company dedicated to green energy. They provide solar power and offer an efficient way for consumers to reduce carbon footprint. PosiGen was founded in 2009 by Chris Guglielmo, who has been working in the renewable energy industry since he graduated from MIT with dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology Management. 


Chris started his career at SunEdison as a Project Engineer after graduating from college. He designed projects built across North America, including wind farms near Chicago, New York City Metro Area, Philadelphia region, Texas Panhandle region.

PosiGen is a company that designs and installs solar energy systems. They are committed to sustainable development, which means they use their products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. 


Their website features information on how you can save money by investing in solar panels for your home or business, as well as details about their products and services at PosiGen solar power firm. The company can provide around 3500 homes with the complete green solution as well as helping many businesses shift from the traditional way of power generation towards being environmentally friendly. They have a team that provides valuable advice on how you can integrate something new into your home or business.

This will result in reducing carbon footprint while also saving money for consumers. This innovative approach by this organization has allowed them to expand throughout the New Orleans area, where they are providing quality service at affordable prices. PosiGen helps homeowners save money on their household electricity bills by offering renewable such as solar panels and innovative technology, which helps in energy conservation. The company provides homeowners with free solar consultations to find out how much their property could produce after installing the panels.