Social media is currently a major part of our lives. Over 80 percent of the global population can access the internet. With time, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have been evolving, considering the needs of the consumers are changing from time to time. For instance, Jason Hope states, some time back, some people were content with getting a few comments and likes on their posts on social media. Currently, social media sites are being used to acquire information, grow businesses, and share tips. Social media platforms have become more useful than before.


Jason Hope has weighed in on future aspects of the social networking sites, and they include:


  1. The Entertainment Game Has Grown Stronger


Social media platforms were initially used to look for old friends, and you would interact with each other online. Currently, things aren’t the same. The social media platforms have grown stronger compared to before since new features have been added, and the functions that are present ensure users are always entertained. Some research has been carried out, as Jason Hope points out, and the average person will spend at least three hours daily on social media. 


Activist Investor Jason Hope



This explains why Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are meant for entertainment. People also prefer to acquire information from these social media sites since they are used to spread information fast (LinkedIn). 


  1. Social Media Platforms Help Businesses Grow


Jason Hope is confident that social media is more important than before since they help businesses to grow. Who would have thought that social media platforms would have been used to make direct sales at some point? People trust social sales and are willing to buy different items through Instagram and WhatsApp. As for Instagram, Jason Hope adds, people only care about the number of followers. If your business page has a huge following, people are likely to trust your brand. Compared to a website for your brand, you’ll make more sales through social networking sites.