Known for being a next-gen sunglasses company, Hawkers was not always a trendy brand. The company’s origin is traced back to Spain to an e-platform called Saldum. It was established by four friends that had envisioned creating a business borrowing its concept from Craigslist. The platform was popular for being a source of second-hand products but failed because the friends did not have the funding to support their plan.

After the Craigslist model platform failed, the four friends moved on to other online sales ventures. They decided to risk $300 to explore sunglass selling and immediately grew interest because of its returns. Pablo Lozano, a friend in the group, had brought some pairs of sunglasses back to Spain after studying in the US. Their initial brand name was Knockaround, and it seemed to have great potential.

Their online sale test was successful, and the products were bought almost instantly. Realizing their achievement, the team continued distributing their product across Spain but were not yet content with their prosperity. They decided to create their sunglass brand, emphasizing accessibility, affordability, and style. The rebranded corporation was named Hawkes and started competing against established eyewear brands like Gucci and Prada.

Their standard price and online selling strategy paid off together with their advertisement attracting more clients. To expand, the firm has benefited from several investors, such as Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. The entrepreneur and investor entered the company at a low point in 2016 when the American firm was experiencing financial problems.

While it generated millions in sales monthly, the expenditure was also high, almost pushing the team out of the market. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has studied economics and business administration at Suffolk University. Massachusetts.

Background Details

Lopez has handled some big projects with investment groups like O’Hara Administration, which made Alejandro Betancourt a prime candidate in saving Hawkers. Spotting potential in the eyewear company, Alejandro Betancourt tapped resources from investors at O’Hara Administration. The initiative pumped more than $56 million into the company, catering for expenses and expansion plans.

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