This article comes about after the big boom of those short-sellers that earned a lot of money back in March. The article is based on the financial expertise of Dr.Jeffery Harris. Dr.Harris throughout the article emphasizes the point that all education, training, and learning are not the same when it comes to financial literacy. Often education, training, and learning are used interchangeably in terms of talking about financial education. Dr. Harris states that “it is a tragedy that majority never get [that] education.” Education provides the opportunity for expansion of participation in the financial market. The Online Trading Academy requested the advice of Dr.Harris to improve their education for finance. The Online Trading Academy is attempting to create a user-friendly platform to gain the needed education to succeed in the financial world while also being reachable to all types of people.

The Online Trading Academy is a platform for financial education built for people that seek to “build skills, evolve proficiency, and develop confidence for investing and trading in the financial markets.” They use a step-by-step process of Core Strategies to teach investors how to make smart decisions with their investments and the same with traders. In 24 years of its existence, the Online Trading Academy has expanded to 40 worldwide locations with over 80,000 people with access to lifelong education and training. The Academy has a 94% satisfaction rate and the process begins with a free introductory course that over 500,000 people have attended.

If you are beginning to gain an interest in investing and trading, they are one of the leading experts in financial education around the globe. The first class is also free so that you can gain a baseline in the world of financial trading and investing. The Online Trading Academy is a fine educational institution.

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