Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is a media, technology and communications expert and entrepreneur. His auspicious career began in 1985 with an entrepreneurial launch of a production business. He and a co-founder, who also graduated from American University the same year, successfully operated the business for several years. They sold it and moved on to different opportunities in 1989.

Levinsohn joined the promotions and marketing group at Time Warner Sports, where he spent five years. He then accepted a role at CBS as a producer of its SportsLine program about professional American football. The growth of the internet lured Levinsohn to Alta Vista in 1999.

While assisting with a portal launch, Ross Levinsohn learned a lot about technology. He used that knowledge as a manager then CEO at Fox Interactive Sports Media. Entrepreneurship called out to him again in 2006. He and a man named James Heckman started a digital advertising service. It grew as fast as the internet of the 1990s did, and Yahoo sought it out and bought it from them.

Levinsohn spent the 2010s at Yahoo, the Los Angeles Times, Boston Consulting Group and other businesses. He also initiated two additional startups. Heckman went on to start Maven. In 2019, Maven bought Sports Illustrated. The longstanding publication had slipped a little in readership, and Heckman knew just the person to revive and overhaul it.

Ross Levinsohn joined Sports Illustrated as its CEO in 2019. He quickly began navigating fresh business relationships to restore the publication to the number one ranked source for sports news and journalism. He also forged new contracts with authors and editors in order to enliven the content. By expanding the range of articles and news covered by the publication, he widened the scope of its audience.

Heckman felt that the time was right to retire from full-time work in 2020. He needed a break from being the center of Maven. Though he promised to serve as a consultant in future years, he wanted someone with plenty of experience to take over. That someone was Levinsohn. In late August 2020, Levinsohn became the second CEO at Maven.