Alexander PayneWhen you look at the innocent face of Alexander Payne, it is hard to think of what kind of man he is. However, to his fans, he is a man filled with exceptions. In other words, it is hard to know what Alexander Payne has in his mind; and the truth is it may take many years but the result would be exceptionally heartwarming. That is exactly what happened many years after Alexander quit his work at Universal. But how did Alexander get a job at Universal a few months after his graduation?

Before Alexander Payne got a job at the Universal Films, he had gone about his normal routine at school. This time, Payne was working on a thesis film meant for educational purposes. The film, which was released in 1990 and named The Passion of Martin, elicited much talk among students, lecturers, and all film lovers. It was after the release of that film that the movie director got his debut job at Universal. However, on what appeared to be a sad note, Payne did not stay at Universal for long and did not manage to release a movie. On a good note though, the meticulous Alexander Payne did manage to start working on a script for his second movie, which coincidentally became the third.

Upon leaving Universal Films, Alexander Payne embarked on yet another film. This time, Alexander produced Citizen Ruth. Unlike his first thesis film, Alexander’s Citizen Ruth created a code that fans would associate him with. From then on, fans were able to identify Alexander with a particular unique style of directing his movies that captured dark movements and screenplay style. From these humble beginnings, Alexander was set for higher things as he went ahead to produce even many and better films.

Alexander Payne

Three years after releasing Citizen Ruth, Alexander went ahead to direct and release Election in 1999. Sideways and The Descendants, were released in 2004 and 2011 respectively. The movie Nebraska, released in 2013 and captures many of its scenes from Alexander’s home, Nebraska is yet another sensation. Put together, The Descendants and Nebraska have scored 88.8 when they appear on Rotten Tomatoes.

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