Month: August 2021

Augmedics President Tim Murawski

Born and raised in Chicago, Tim Murawski went on to graduating with a bachelor’s degree in operations management and supervision, Murawski soon began a career in the research and development facility. Not long after working within this facility did he discover his preference for sales instead. Tim Murawski started the sales of medical devices at […]

PosiGen Solar Power Company

Posigen is a solar installation company that is committed to making a difference in the communities they serve. The company is on a mission to make solar access available to the marginalized in society. They provide easy and affordable access to solar panels that target people of color, especially from poor communities and neighborhoods. Posigen […]

Maven Accepts Ross Levinsohn as CEO

Ross Levinsohn is a media, technology and communications expert and entrepreneur. His auspicious career began in 1985 with an entrepreneurial launch of a production business. He and a co-founder, who also graduated from American University the same year, successfully operated the business for several years. They sold it and moved on to different opportunities in […]