Running has numerous advantages. When you run for several minutes in the morning, your mind will be active throughout the day. According to Michael Capiraso, that will clear your head, enabling you to develop creative ideas when working.

With limited movement because of the prevailing pandemic, people are not exercising like before. That has led to a rise in lifestyle diseases. However, Michael suggests that people should start running to keep fit. Moreover, he recommends the following for those running for the first time.

He Advises Them to Start Slow

If you’re running for the first time, start slow and increase your speed gradually as your body gets used to exercises. Michael Capiraso says that you should not push your body too hard when you start running because it might cause serious injuries.

Michael recommends that when you start running, run for a few minutes to avoid too much strain. Then, keep increasing your pace, ensuring that you are comfortable every time. He also recommends that you take a few days off after continuous running. After running for a few days, take other light exercises to reduce stress levels.

He Advises Them to Use the Right Equipment

The wrong choice of running equipment can lead to injuries when running. That is why Michael Capiraso suggests that you get the right shoes for proper support and alignment before you start running. You also need the right running kit to ensure that you don’t get over sweat when running.

Apart from the two, it would help if you also had a mask, especially when there is a covid pandemic. That will enable you to run without fearing that you might contract the covid-19 infection outdoors.

When buying a facemask to use when running, choose the athlete’s mask to keep you comfortable for the entire duration you will be running. An athlete’s facemask will also not allow out respiratory droplets. That will ensure that if you are covid-19 positive, you will infect other people with the infection when running. Learn more: