It has been very hard for people around the world to undertake various social and individual activities in the world due to the current pandemic that is almost destroying the world.

Millions of people in every corner of the globe have been forced to accept the current situation and adopt the necessary strategies to help in dealing with this problem that has already affected a considerable number of individuals.

The UK has been one of the countries out there in the world that has been extremely affected by the current ongoing around the world.

It is unfortunate that the death of the beloved Prince Philip happened during this period, which made it very hard for the country to mourn his death.

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There are other institutions that wanted to celebrate his death expansively due to their affiliations with Prince Philip, but the current restrictions mean that other approaches had to be adopted.

Gordonstoun is one of the institutions in the country today that would have been highly focused on mourning the death of Prince Philip. It is his former school, which means that the institution had all the rights to incorporate an expansive grieving session and period at the facility.

However, Gordonstoun has had to adjust and make sure that it paid the last respect to one member of the alumni who have played a central role in the success of the institution.

According to Lisa Kerr, the Principal of Gordonstoun, the learning institution was planning to have a large gathering to grieve the death of one of their loved alumni.

However, the institution planned on making sure that it had a low-key ceremony that involved laying flowers and blowing a trumpet to signify the death of a loved one who held the school and the community around close to his heart while at the same time working at Loyal Family.

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