Securus Being Sued Unjustly By Global Tel Link

There is a legal battle being waged between two telecommunications companies. You would think this battle would make national headlines but these aren’t your typical telecommunications companies. These two companies — Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link — only do business with correctional facilities through exclusive government contracts. And these companies could not be any more different.


Securus is the good guy. This company has reinvested over $600 million of profit to make its customers happy. Reviews of call quality are good and prices are reasonable. The company holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas Texas and is accredited by the same agency. Accreditation is pretty impressive. The company voluntarily subjected itself to an eight point review and paid for the privilege. Securus passed with flying colors.


Global Tel Link has made the news for all the wrong reasons. The company was recently regulated by the FCC in order to cap its exorbitant interstate call fees. The New York Times ran a piece about this company because many families across the country were breaking the bank to talk to their incarcerated loved ones. The company is notorious for charging a whole host of hidden fees on top of sky-high rates.


Unfortunately, the bad guys have been sued the good guys over technology infringement. It is just a stalling tactic by Global Tel Link because they know they have inferior technology. I hope this lawsuit gets over with quickly and vanquishes Global Tel Link from the industry.


To put a cherry on top of the argument, Securus is famous for innovating for law enforcement. There is a contraband sulfone jammer and locator that the company employees to help keep prison safe. They have also innovative software to assist law enforcement officers searching for information inside a database of recorded telephone calls.


Securus Technology’s Advancement of Innovative Products Bridge Agencies and Communities

Securus Technology has made a reputation, for being the leading company in its industry by providing civil and criminal justice solutions. Throughout North America, Securus Technology has committed their efforts to provide emergency responses, incident management, and inmate self-service. Additionally, the company has brilliantly shown itself, for being able to maintain core commitments, for public awareness, investigative information and bio-metric analysis to over 3,400 law enforcement and public safety agencies.


To date, Securus Technology continues to be the recipient of extremely encouraging feedback from the agencies they service. With a wide-range of new products the company offers, on a weekly average, it only makes sense that those innovative ideas would benefit law enforcement and corrections officials, for preventing crime.


An enormous part of the solutions offered by Securus Technology is within their products offered to agencies, for proactive measures, such as monitoring and deterring incidents of contraband into restricted facilities.


With some agencies receiving services, for decades, Securus Technology remains a direct and primary source to progressively pursue public safety. They’re very much relied upon, for facilitating technology improvements and solutions. The company’s vision is innovation towards the future.


Securus Technology’s goal is to keep the communities, societies safe and that includes the inmates, their families and parolees. Their goal is providing security to the public at-large.


This progressive approach towards technology advancements of the industry is what agencies are looking for. Securus Technology is seen as revolutionizing the incarcerated environment, while simultaneously improving public safety among several jurisdictions across North America. With servicing over 1.2 million inmates, the company must account for quality monitoring products and services, which protect privacy, but also aggressively preserve the country’s safety.


Securus Technology’s wide-range of products and services allows outstanding opportunities, for agencies and the community, to receive the quality solutions they need.