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George Soros: Boogeyman or Progressive Hero?

George Soros is the nexus by which thousands of conservative and alt-right conspiracy theories spread out into the universe. Soros is himself is an unassuming individual if you don’t know his history, but his history would lead you to laugh at the strawman that right wing America has managed to erect. George Soros is one of the most giving philanthropists in the world as well as one of the most staunch advocates for social justice, equality, and democracy throughout the world. SO what led George Soros to becoming branded as enemy #1? Let’s see how George Soros has been involved in American politics since the early ’00s in order to get our answer to that question and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros entered the 2000s as a billionaire hedge fund investor who helped to innovate the entire industry. Not content merely being someone who had earned money and given it back through his philanthropic outreach, Open Society Foundations, Soros decided to become politically active. As a child of the world, having fled Hungary during World War 2, Soros knows what it is like to have lived in many different places and through many different offenses. This gave Soros insight when deciding to get involved in politics, opposing George W. Bush’s re-election campaign due to his involvement in the Iraq War and learn more information click here .

George W. Bush was conservative royalty at the time and when Soros decided to join with Al Gore in opposing him, well, the right wing of America’s political spectrum freaked out. Still, Soros would proudly stand up for his opposition of the Iraq War and he would become an indispensable donor to the progressive wing in Washington D.C. Soros would also work alongside John Kerry in his career in order to help and prop up the highly qualified politician and respected soldier. These two acts essentially cemented George Soros as an enemy to conservatives everywhere and learn more about George Soros.

Researcher Mark Fenster, a professor at the University of Florida, studies conspiracy theories and their roots extensively. When looking at George Soros Fenster also believes that there is an element of antisemitism to the conspiracies surrounding billionaire George Soros. Companies like Breitbart do their best to use dogwhistle tactics to blame people Jewish people for all of the wrongs in the world. That is how Soros is laughably claimed to be some sort of puppeteer controlling every event that goes against right wing interests and Follow his

Most recently George Soros has become a fierce critic of Donald Trump and that alone could hold him in poor light to conservatives around the world. George Soros has vowed to stand up to Donald Trump and continue to prop up progressive politicians and beliefs in order to try and set the United States on a clearer and more moral path and what George Soros knows.

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