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From time immemorial, science-based courses have been considered prestigious by most people including our forefathers. Scott Rocklage is among the ingenious students who got a B.S in chemistry. He is erudite as he has exceptionally studied to attain a Ph.D. in chemistry. This is such a milestone for him especially since most people consider Chemistry a nut to crack.


His enriched knowledge in chemistry landed him in 5AM Ventures as a Venture partner in 2003. Seemingly, he was too good that by 2004, Scott was already a managing partner. Gradually he climbed the ladder and is currently the founding partner. Scott is bequeathed with exemplary leadership skills and strategic planning. For over three decades, Scott has been evolving in this healthcare field. He has held various leadership positions, for instance, he was the chief executive officer of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, board chair of Relypsa and CEO of Nycomed Salutar among other institutions.


Like a flower, Scott has flourished to be a great and successful entrepreneur. As we all know, entrepreneurship in the recent times has been a desired and effective path for most scholars. Scott came up with Venture business due to his science-related life experiences. With his commitment, the Food and Drugs Administration was satisfied with three of his medicines namely Omniscan, Telescan and Cubicin.


Being a believer in teamwork, Scott helped six interns by assisting them in making their way into their internship trials. His passion for working with others is also shown in his involvement of other entrepreneurs and medical practitioners. He absorbs and polishes their ideas to possibly lead to the invention of new drugs and also to meet other healthcare needs that have gone unheeded over the years.


Scott Rocklage believes in taking chances. This is his driving force as he takes upon new roles daily in 5AM Ventures. He also takes special care while selecting his workers. He is an organized person that prioritizes engaging qualified people in his team. Scott believes that having the right people in his team of workers is the ultimate step to being a successful entrepreneur.


Apart from being a risk-taker, Scott is very flexible. The saying goes, successful people extraordinarily do small things. Scott does not, therefore, stick to an ordinary daily schedule. Besides spending time working in his company, he at times decides to research and learn about new aspects of science.


Scott is committed to dealing with the emerging issues in the field of science. For instance, the quest of discovering the cure to cancer, the emergence of GMOs among others. Scott Rocklage is, therefore, an ideal entrepreneur who young people should borrow a leaf from.


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