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Personal Cyber Security with Rubica Company

Cyber Security-Rubica Company

Nothing is devastating like your information landing on unauthorized hands. Information on wrong hands can be hazardous because it is used to break your life. Hacker’s use the information on their hands for self-gain. Some of the risks of cyber hacking include;

  • Destruction of valuable data
  • Loss of funds
  • Reduced productivity
  • Exhaustion of personal financial resources
  • Loss of intellectual property

Cyber Insecurity is on the rise, and it is raising alarms on the need to direct special attention to the cyber security sector. Take for instance the incident where the ransomware inscribed itself in over 300,000 computers in 150 nations. A study shows that in future the ransomware threat is expected on to rise to roughly $101 billion. The cyber-attacks are targeting sensitive sectors and individuals on a daily basis.

Being hacked can lead to depression due to the harsh consequences. As a politician, your information landing on your opponents hands; may mean stepping down unwillingly following the threat of being exposed to the public. Apart from losing your political life, the leaked information causes family issues as well. This is because everyone has a right to privacy.

However, close family members do not appreciate some leaked information. The hackers choose on the most critical information when they want to attack you: this is because only essential information will make you cooperate and provide them with what they have. The hacking therefore takes you step backs when it happens.

The powerful politicians in big states including the USA have felt the pinch of cyber insecurity. Hillary Clinton was a victim of the ransomware threats during her campaigns. A series of her emails made the headlines: emphasizing on the need for Personal cyber security.

Is there a way out of the ransomware threats at the moment?

Rubica Company, founded in 2016; helps in providing cyber security as well as peoples security. The Rubica software runs through all the computer programs and phone applications scanning of any ransomware in the gadgets.

Rubica software protects your personal cyber security and your family in this digitalized century. It pays a background check on all the activities of your devices and alerts you to any malicious information or, any suspicious information. Following the warning, you can take quick action preventing any damage that could have been caused.

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