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Gregory Aziz’s Role in National Steel Car’s Growth

It’s no secret that Greg Aziz has brought National Steel Car to the heights it is at today. Since he first began in a leadership capacity in 1994, National Steel Car has seen nothing but rapid growth and expansion. He is known as having a sharp mind for growth and being someone who consistently pushes his team to reach new heights.


In 1994, Gregory J. Aziz was working at an investment banking company in New York City. He crossed paths with National Steel Car when he oversaw the purchase of the company from its previous owner Dofasco (Dominion Foundries and Steel). The purchase was a major success and the leadership of National Steel Car wanted to work with him in a long-term capacity. They offered him a leadership role and he accepted.

James Aziz immediately put his knowledge and skill set to work. In the first few years of his time with National Steel Car the company saw a major growth spike. The company went from manufacturing 3,500 freight cars a year (which was excellent at the time) to over 12,000. This growth was huge. Best of all, this growth in manufacturing brought a wave of new jobs to the company’s hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. These jobs brought with them a pickup in the overall economy. New jobs mean new houses, new retailers, more schools, etc. National Steel Car is beloved by the Hamilton community and has been ever since this growth spike. See This Article for additional information

In fact, National Steel Car ii one of the biggest contributors to Hamilton’s need and non-profits. Each year, the company throws a major holiday event. The event invites all Hamilton employees, past and present, to bring their families for an evening of winter fun. The event is one of the largest in the town and has been touted for its role in community togetherness. National Steel Car also funds a variety of community staples, such as United Way, the local aquarium and the local opera.


National Steel Car was founded in 1912 by local businessmen. It has been around for more than 100 years and during that time has maintained a stellar reputation. National Steel Car is known in the industry as one that deserves respect and is always a leader. James Aziz always believes in integrating new technology and new methods to continue ensuring National Steel Car is on the edge of all industry developments. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.




Gregory Aziz Reworking National Steel Car from the Ground Up

Gregory James Aziz took over the Canadian manufacturer National Steel Car in 1994 and set to work on the workforce and production capacity of the corporation. The company had been severely downsized from the thousands of employees it used to have, and that had affected the manufacturing capacity of the business as well.



As the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of the company, Gregory J Aziz has transformed National Steel Car from the ground up. The company is now international and has a strong bond with its local community in Hamilton, Ontario. The National Steel Car is a philanthropic and oriented towards helping out its local community. One of the values of the business is to give back and to inspire its employees and other businesses in the area to give, be generous and join in on philanthropic efforts whenever possible.


National Steel Car is enriched with a long history as well as it was established more than one hundred years ago in the same place where it stands today. The group of investors that started up the manufacturer were right about its incredible potential as the business started attracting more funders wanting to invest in its career.


The corporation was a leader, and that was wide because it was started up a year before the peak of its line of work came about. The National Steel Car appeared in time for that boom and swept up many clients and investors looking to also profit from the booming industry. Find Related Information Here.



The National Steel Car, however, was also on time for the Great Depression that caused the collapse of most businesses and the downsizing of those that were lucky to pull through. National Steel Car did reduce its ranks severely but started operating at full speed again with the onset of the Second World War. Once it passed, the company was slowing down again and falling behind.



The next owner, Dofasco, never managed to restore the corporation and it had periodical downsizings of its ranks again. That continued until 1994. Gregory J Aziz managed to reestablish the Canadian company and work its values, operation, workforce, and structure. Overall, the National Steel Car grew stronger and is now a leader in its line for work once more.  National Steel Car is also working with clients from the United States of America and will be continuing to expand and working with more foreign clients.



How The National Steel Car Has Managed To Stay At The Top With Gregory Aziz

When any business person is setting up their business, their dream is to see it flourish. However, with the great plans and strategies, this still doesn’t happen. This is because we may be missing out on the essentials that build a prestigious business. One way of gauging whether you still on the track is reading about other investors before you. Here, you get an idea of what to expect and how to deal with certain issues in the business. We also learn that they never gained success in a day. It is through hard work and commitment that it happened. Gregory Aziz is one of the individuals, who business person looks out for to learn.


Gregory J Aziz, is the president, chairman and chief executive officer of National Steel Car. Over the decades, the company has gained a lot of popularity. This is as a result of the quality products that the company has been offering the people. The company has received several awards as well. For example, they have received the TTX SECO awards severally. The company also finds pride in the fact that, National Steel Car is the only railroad company that is certified by ISO 9001:2008.


Greg Aziz says that the success of the company has been facilitated by the customers and the staff. The staff of the National Steel Car is very dedicated to seeing that the company remains a success. Gregory James Aziz has taught them the importance of unity and teamwork. He has also induced the spirit of diligence and determination to the staff. Click Here For More Information.


The clients have also contributed substantially to the success of the National Steel Car. This is through their feedback and suggestions. The company highly values the opinion of the customer. Through the clients, they get to know what their expectations are. The National Steel Car is also able to rectify their mistakes. Over the years, the company has made a lot of changes in the National Steel Car. This is to improve its quality and ensure they satisfy their customers.


Gregory James Aziz says that the company will continue providing quality goods to the customers. The company aims always to be the lead. This is why they keep challenging themselves to ensure that they are a step ahead. Through their CEO Greg Aziz, the clients are confident that the only change they can expect is an improvement.

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Gregory Aziz Puts National Steel Car in the Global Map

Greg James Aziz is undoubtedly one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation. He is currently the chairperson, president and CEO of National Steel Car: a global leader in the engineering and manufacturer of railroad freight cars. The renowned businessman was born in 1949 in London, Ontario. Gregory James Aziz studied at Ridley College before majoring in Economics at the University of Western Ontario.


Greg Aziz entered the business world through his family’s hospitality business. Under his innovative leadership, the wholesale food business made significant strides to become a global importer of fresh foods. The firm expanded its operations by importing fresh produce from Europe, and South America and in turn distributes to Canada and the United States.



Gregory J Aziz acquires and drives National Steel Car to a global industry leader


Greg Aziz continued his great commitment in business, he worked on a number of investment banking ventures before eventually buying national steel car. He had a dream of transforming the firm into industry leader in the manufacture of railroad freight cars in the entire North America. At the time of acquisition, National Steel Car had a production ability of 3,500 per year. James capitalized on the company’s unique engineering capabilities, special staff team and made additional investment in human resource and capital. The strategy paid hugely as the firm was able to expand its production to 12,000 cars just within 5 years after acquisition. It is interesting to note that employee base also increased from 600 to about 3000 over the same period.


The company currently builds several thousands of railroad freight cars annually. It is the global industry leader when it comes to innovation of new cars. National Steel Car is the only railroad freight car manufacturer in the whole of North America. The firm is ISO certified, ISO 9001:2008, an honor it has managed to hold over the years. Gregory James Aziz’s organization has on several occasions, been honored by TTX SECO owing to its quality deliverables. Refer to This Article.



Greg Aziz and National Steel Car have continued to show their great commitment towards corporate social responsibility. The Hamilton community has received a number of significant benefits from the business. The organization sponsored a wide range of Hamilton community initiatives including Salvation Army, Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, and United Way just to mention a few. The firm’s staff continues to enjoy annual Christmas parties sponsored by National Steel Car. The employees also take an active role in community food drive initiatives.



Greg James Aziz together and his wife Irene have been the sponsors of Canada’s popular exhibition: The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. With more than 100 years in railroad freight car business, the company has kept the promise on quality products and customer service. Aziz has pointed out that this has been made possible through his team’s tireless efforts on excellence and sustained value on the company’s clients.


Obsidian Energy Is A Canadian Gasoline And Oil Tradition

Obsidian Energy is the name of an established gasoline and oil production company that’s headquartered in Canada. It’s a company that’s of medium-size. It used to be called Penn West Energy Trust, Penn West Petroleum and Penn West Exploration Ltd. It was created in Calgary, Alberta all the way back at the end of the seventies. It’s been around since 1979 and has been known as Obsidian Energy since the summer of 2017. Obsidian Energy runs gasoline and oil fields in Alberta. It has these fields by the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This is a place that is home to petroleum reserves that are among the biggest on the planet.


The team at Obsidian Energy creates approximately 30,000 BOE (Barrel Oil Equivalent) on a daily basis. This firm is an example of one that has a strong commitment to various values. These values include enthusiasm, responsibility and hard work. Obsidian Energy is a company that does whatever it can to benefit the large world that surrounds it day in and day out.


Obsidian is equipped with a management team that displays fine leadership skills and abilities all of the time. David L. French is Obsidian Energy’s skilled CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and President. Other big people who are on the staff are CFO (Chief Financial Officer) David Hendry, Development and Operations Vice President Tony Berthelet, Commercial and Business Development Vice President Mark Hodson and, last but definitely not least, Technical Services and Production Vice President Andrew Sweerts. Obsidian Energy has the cooperation of a devoted Board of Directors as well. The firm’s tireless board members include Chairman George H. Brookman, Director Raymond D. Crossley and Director Jay W. Thornton. There are numerous other capable and dependable directors working for the Obsidian Energy team, too. See This Article for related information.


People who wish to learn more about Obsidian Energy can visit the company’s official website at any time. The Obsidian Energy staff regularly posts detailed updates and announcements that can keep people in the loop. They talk about expansion, employee interviews, operation locations, upcoming specialties and much more. The firm’s updates are comprehensive and informative, too.



Services Offered By Obsidian Energy

One of the major players in the production of natural gas as well as oil in the country is Obsidian Energy. Formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd., the company has developed massive interest in exploring, developing and exploiting petroleum and natural gas fields. Obsidian Energy continues to be one of the most relied producers of petroleum in the country by raising its production from 30,500 to 31,500 boe/d. The ability of the company to conduct research on their fields of exploration and methods of production enabled it to raise its production significantly.


Recently, Obsidian Energy was able to reduce its capital spending by $20 million in response to the prevailing condition in the market. However, despite the fact that it reduced its capital spending, the company has been able to maintain its high level of production. Obsidian Energy has been relying on the high rate of production experienced last winter resulting from the drilling programs. Moreover, its strong outlook in the second phase of the drilling program, which has enabled it to maintain its productivity at a high level, is also a key player in its high productivity. Visit This Page to read more about the company.


The company has undergone numerous transformations throughout its operations. It was first named as Penn West Petroleum before changing its name to Obsidian Energy. The rebranding was part of the transformation that was meant at boosting the reputation of the firm in the market and in capital markets. Today, the company holds a very reasonable proportion of portfolio with industry positions in Alberta Vikings area, Peace River and Cardium.


Over the years, the Obsidian Energy has managed to improve its debt conditions by reducing it significantly. Its current position is the best it has ever been. Branding of its product has enabled the firm to compete favorably in the market. The level of competition in this industry is very high, and for a firm to be able to venture and operate, it must be producing quality products. This justifies why Obsidian Energy has been able to establish itself as one of the leading producers of natural gas as well as petroleum products in the country. The company has continued to record great results.


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