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Matt Badiali: Buy Gold Now

Matt Badiali is one of the few professionals who have established themselves in the mining department. At the moment, the businessman is working as one of the editors at an institution called Banyan Hill Publishing. Because Matt Badiali has a lot of expertise in natural metals, he has published numerous articles to help people in the international platform. If you are interested in investments in the mining industry, it is very important to seek the expertise from individuals such as Matt.

While investing in the mining industry, you must be ready to get dirty so that you can earn some profits. According to Matt Badiali, the investor has to travel to the mining site in person and check whatever is happening. When you are on the ground, it is very easy to access the current situation and then make a decision that will not bring a negative impact. Matt has a great following of people who want to succeed in mining because of the experience he has earned over the years. Click here to see more on Matt Badiali at

Just recently, the businessman published an article, asking his audience to start purchasing gold as soon as possible. According to Matt, the probability of the market changing is very high at the moment.

Gold is an important commodity for the people who want to remain wealthy in the market. These precious metals have been on the market for very many years, and the few people who have chosen to invest in it have never experienced losses. If you are planning to earn more profits in the future, it is paramount to purchase the commodity now because the prices might go up by over five hundred percent.

In his recent publishing, the renowned mining expert has predicted that things will be changing in the recent times by the look of things. The bull market is in its first stages, and things might get tough for people who want to make investments in the market. When the commodity gets too costly, it will not be affordable to the middle-class group.

This is not the first time the prices of gold are going up. Matt Badiali has worked in this market for quite some time, and he has realized that the prices keep increasing. Copper might be on the rise too. According to the businessman, the demand for the metals is going up every day, meaning that the prices must change.


Waiakea Water: Changing the Perception of Bottled Water

There seems to be a lot of controversy on the topic of water. Among the issues that are talked about is bottled water. For one thing, people have a few things to say about plastic bottles. There are said to be contaminants in plastic bottles. As a result, the water that is drunken from those bottles tend to be poisonous. However, there are plenty of other factors that need to be considered when it comes to water. After all, a lot of bottled water comes from low quality sources. Some of the bottled water companies offer water that is more acidic than the tap water in some areas.

Fortunately, Waiakea is one of the water companies that offer the cleanest and healthiest waters from the best sources. This water company gets its water from the volcanic mountains. The water seeps through the volcanic rocks and gathers all of the electrolytes while all of the bad elements get filtered out. This makes for some of the purest water one can drink. It is also not acidic which is a plus for people who are looking for water that is going to give them the health benefits that they need.

Waiakea is also working on changing the plastic content of their bottles. They are bringing forth a new degradable type of plastic. This is so that it can be environmentally friendly. This also allows for a healthier type of water for people to drink from.

While it is commonly believed that drinking water is healthy, it is important to keep in mind the type of water that is being consumed. The wrong water will bring about health problems that can really be devastating. Waiakea water will improve the health of people so that they can function better at anything they do. People are seeing the benefits of Waiakea water and are enjoying them.

Fortunately, Waiakea is one of the water companies that offer the cleanest and healthiest waters from the best sources. This water company gets its water from the volcanic mountains. The water seeps through the volcanic rocks and gathers all of the electrolytes while all of the bad elements get filtered out. This makes for some of the purest water one can drink. It is also not acidic which is a plus for people who are looking for water that is going to give them the health benefits that they need.

Waiakea is also working on changing the plastic content of their bottles. They are bringing forth a new degradable type of plastic. This is so that it can be environmentally friendly. This also allows for a healthier type of water for people to drink from.

While it is commonly believed that drinking water is healthy, it is important to keep in mind the type of water that is being consumed. The wrong water will bring about health problems that can really be devastating. Waiakea water will improve the health of people so that they can function better at anything they do. People are seeing the benefits of Waiakea water and are enjoying them.

Customers Refer Securus Technology

Imagine having a feedback forum to learn more about how to use inmate calling features from other users and how they can save you money. Do you feel like you alone trying to navigate your account with another network provider? Securus Technologies has over 12,000+ expert IT professionals ready to assist you with your new or existing account. You can also lend on their forum to read reviews and keep track of new features. However, the Securus website provides a descriptive tab of each of their services and features. Stay connected to your friends and love ones in a correctional facility and join the Securus family.


Preferred Securus Features


Remote Visitation


Securus customers have referred the remote visitation app to other customers on their feedback forum. You can visit an inmate if you’re on their visiting list for a one time processing fee per visit.


Prepaid Services


Get prepaid services from Securus online or through their 800 number. If you have a valid payment method, eighteen years of age or older, and have access to a compatible device, you can use the prepaid feature fro Securus Technologies and avoid ever locating a third party authorized agent.


Daniel Taub Describes Legacy and Lessons Learned

The Huffington Post covered Life Lessons from Daniel Taub, the Israeli Ambassador to the U.K. leaves a legacy as he calls it quits. For four years Taub has served as Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Court of St. James. As Leah Stern sits down with Taub, he clarifies that he likes to be addressed as Daniel, without his formal titles.


As Daniel reflects on the past years, he believes the current strength of relations between the U.K. and Israel is the best as it has ever been. From sitting down with Daniel, Leah Stern highlights the following important lessons Daniel shares from his experience professionally and personally:


Never Look Back

Daniel dishes that he is delightfully surprised at the scope of new relationships that developed under his work. Rather than leaving his work feeling like the job could have been done better, he recognizes that he and his team were able to expand their relationships to further distances.


You are What You Read

Daniel reads books that he can personally relate to in his life. Reading created a new path of later speaking and writing. Learn more:


Over Indulge and Stomp Regrets

Daniel shares that he regrets not getting his family involved with the London Music Theatre scene in the past and plans to start getting more involved. Along with musicals, Daniel shares his indulgence of Cadburys – the chocolate that he thinks is the best in the world.


Take Advantage of Speaking with Both Friends and Opponents Alike – You May Learn Something

Daniel has made it a point to meeting with all local figures no matter what political side. He shares his memory of meeting the Queen in 2011 and later on explains that when meeting with local figures, he ensured that it would not be public.


On Being Multidimensional

After being raised in the U.K., Daniel moved to Israel in his twenties where he rapidly moved up in the hierarchy from combat medic to speech writer for key speakers. He shares his experience of being appointed Ambassador under criticism of not being experienced enough for the position to sharing his credentials with the monarch.


Family First

Daniel would like his family to remain all together in Jerusalem. He intends to work in Foreign Service as he and his family look forward to going back to Jerusalem.


To view full Huffington Post article, click here.



Igor Cornelsen can be the Brazilian entry point

Brazil is poised to expand its financial sector with the reentry of investors. With the economic turmoil held at bay, Brazil is gaining and investor like Igor Cornelson that never abandoned the market are in the best positions to optimize the impending growth. Bolstering the resurgence is China’s interest in the growing opportunities.

Brazilian Investment Star Igor Cornelsen Has Three Tips To Help You Retire in Florida Just Like Him visit:

However, for those novice investors with no international investment experience, there are caveats. The main understanding ti be gained is the particulars in investing in foreign countries in general. Brazil is unique in many aspects, but generously, long term investors like Igor Cornelson have advice for those new to this area of investing.

Currency Restrictions

Brazil has a system of engaging foreign currencies in which only authorized Brazilian banks and exchanges are allowed to operate. These can be manipulated in favor of foreign investors, but only with real knowledge of the system. This makes learning their system of currency in relation to foreign currency imperative.

Local networking

Brazil has an entrepreneurial based society, and because they are also an open and engaging society, the minds of their native population of entrepreneurs can be picked for ideas and projects that may be options for positive investing. Igor Cornelson reports on the ease of gathering entrepreneurs for meaningful engagement on opportunities in Brazil, so even investors of his esteem follow this advice.

Red Tape

Brazil is a heavily governmental regulated system. Many of these are regulations are in place to protect the burgeoning recovery. However, they are well written and easily understandable, so learning the regulations concerning business in Brazil is not an exceedingly hard task, and is advised by seasoned investors.

Long term investors in Brazil have inside experience in knowledge of the Brazilian market and it may be smart business to seek their professional advice. This is possible with Igor Cornelson because he has a very productive investment firm devoted to Brazilian interests from foreign investors both seasoned and novices.

Before Cornelson accepts investors into his firm, he familiarizes them with the intricacies of Brazil with trips to Brazil itself. He relies heavily on some insiders that are native Brazilians so as to gain insight into the idiosyncrasies that drive the Brazilian market. Additionally, Cornelson’s firm is adept at abridging the regulatory framing and taxing networks in Brazil.

So in summary, foreign investors expressing interest in gaining entry into Brazil’s markets should first learn the currency exchange policies of Brazil because there is not a set exchange rate. This advice cannot be understated because accessing their system without knowledge can cost novice investors greatly, but with the appropriate knowledge can bring myriad opportunities to cash in. Know more:


Hospitality Business Executive Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur and executive in the hospitality industry. He and his companies are based in the United Kingdom and have been very instrumental in creating renowned institutions for providing care for elders as well as comfortable places to stay for travelers.

Boghani is the current Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group which has been one of the top hotel chains in Britain. As of today, Shiraz manages and owns 19 of the top trading hotels in the entire United Kingdom. During his career, he has won a number of awards in recognition of his accomplishments. In the 1990’s decade, Boghani was one of the first hoteliers to provide hotels with limited service brands.

Before Boghani became a hotelier, he spent a number of years in the accounting field. As a chartered accountant, Shiraz used his knowledge of finance and management in order to learn how to run a business. With sound financial management knowledge, Shiraz was capable of making sure that his businesses would be financially stable and be in position to remain profitable at all times. After a number of years, he decided to become an entrepreneur and put together a hotel chain that would provide quality for many travelers. Over the course of his career, Boghani has been able to operate a hotel chain that has been known for being of the highest quality in the nation.

Recently, Shiraz Boghani launched a new project for the Hilton London Bankside. This new project will consist of Vibrant Bankside housing a stylish establishment in London. With the addition of this new hotel, Boghani will be able to add to his other flagship hotels such as the Grand Hotel & Spa, York, the Conrad London St James and the Holiday Inn London. Along with these hotels, Shiraz has also acquired the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel and the New Ellington in Leeds. All of these hotels have allowed Boghani to build a chain of some of the finest hotels in Britain.

As well as being a hotelier, Shiraz is also the owner of the residential care company Sussex Healthcare. He is also very active in a number of charitable causes. Boghani regularly provides funds to a number of charitable foundations in order to make a positive impact on his community. On a regular basis, he gives to a registered charity known as the Aga Khan Foundation which is part of the global network called Aga Khan Development.

Visit for more details about Shiraz Boghani.

Ambassaor Daniel Taub Strengthens UK-Israel Relationship While in Office

When asked about whether it was difficult to keep his personal opinions and public stances separate, the outgoing Israeli ambassador to the Court of Saint James says that it really is not that complicated. Born in the UK, Daniel Taub served as Israel`s ambassador to Britain from 2011-2015. He gave up his British citizenship to serve the country he adopted as his own nearly three decades ago, and after six years, he believes that the special relationship between the two countries is stronger than ever.


Educated at Oxford, Harvard, and University College London, Taub joined the Israeli Defense Force in 1989, eventually serving in its international legal division. In 1991, he began his long career as a diplomat with Israel`s foreign ministry, advising the government on international negotiations and representing Tel Aviv in international forums at the highest level.


Although the last decade has seen considerable challenges for the Middle East, Daniel Taub is cautiously optimistic about the future. There always seems to be a crisis breaking, and Iran is a perpetual concern. According to Taub, Israel is concerned about the prospect of Tehran not meeting its treaty obligations, but it is also wary about the effects of easing sanctions, something which has the potential to strengthen Hezbollah and Hamas.


However, Taub is a bit more bullish about the possibility of a long-term peaceful relationship with Egypt and Jordan. He also pointed out that Israel is finding common ground with the Gulf states on a number of pressing concerns. Moreover, he is optimistic about regaining the support of progressive Britons, stressing that the ideas of progressive Israelis are the same beliefs shared by Britain`s left.


A testament to Ambassador Daniel Taub`s impact is the fact that under his watch, the UK-Israeli trade doubled in value, with some estimates putting the overall value of trade between the two countries at $7 billion. Despite his success, throughout his tenure, Ambassador Taub expressed concern with anti-Israeli sentiment, and wanted to make certain that all views, including pro-Israeli views were allowed in Britain. After one member of parliament declared his district an “Israeli-free zone,” the Ambassador visited the area in protest of the parliamentarian`s statements.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Set To Replace Brandao Until March

Banco Bradesco is a good example of a loyal employer. Having been in the industry for 74 years, Bradesco has extensive experience in dealing with clients. The bank barely exchanges its management often. In fact, it holds close the belief that internal recruitment is a leading strategy in maintain excellent performance as a team. Bradesco’s success is largely owed to two executive leaders; Mr. Brandao, the man who has been gracing news headlines following his decision to resign, and Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the man who is set to temporarily replace Brandao.

Background information

Eventually, the longest-serving chief executive officer, Mr. Brandao, is leaving office. He shall be remembered for creating a legacy that upholds the value of retaining employees. The 91-year-old is willfully retiring, a strategy that he finds useful to the bank. Brandao, will, however, still control some sections of the business. He shall also be available to offer career advice to his associates. It is right to say that Brandao is only giving up his title with the aim of allowing new talent on board.

What is next for Bradesco?

Perhaps Bradesco will thrive with the input of a new pool of talent. Brandao’s position will be temporarily held by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, one of the leading executives at Bradesco. Luiz has been trusted with the leadership position because of his tremendous ability to lead. In the past, Luiz has exuded confidence and charisma as a lead executive. His works at Bradesco have been witnessed as he has progressively developed strong marketing portfolios for the business. In the next days, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will need Brandao’s advice to lead the people.

The current position of Bradesco

The Bank of Bradesco is on a roll, financially. Overseas investors have been purchasing the company’s stocks since they can predict the possibilities of growth in the coming years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a leading reason for Bradesco’s new success story. According to reports from Wall Street Crowd, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a top CEO whose input can hardly be matched. Serving as a leading figure in Brazil’s banking industry, he has walked the path of investment in multiple respects. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi manages the bank from the highest to the lowest serving employee. He handles all departments and often, he is consulted to make critical decisions.

Managerial skills

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi understands the ropes of handling the bank. This is owed to his experiences as a chairman and presently the chief executive officer. For the bank to have trusted him to walk in Brandao’s shoes, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi must be doing something right. Trabuco harbors vast experience in internal banking. He is consistently under the banking microscope, observing all the required procedures that should be implemented for the bank to succeed.


Since he joined Bradesco, shares have progressively multiplied; this is a fact that contributed to his election as the chief executive officer. The 66-year-old lead executive prides himself on being keen on details. He has never had a different employer. Perhaps Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi owes his skills to his vast experience. For four decades, he has been working in the banking industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an expert when it comes to handling people. He has unmatched people skills, with a specialization in psychology. In the past nine years, he has closely worked with his team to ensure that the financial trenches are sealed to the core. This is a strategy that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, has implemented to reach his objectives in leadership. Like an extended family, Luiz handles the bank through constructive strategies that would not disappoint the shareholders.

The conclusion

In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and team surprised the stakeholders by initiating aggressive projects. These projects played a substantial role in growing the client’s portfolios. Check more:


How The National Steel Car Has Managed To Stay At The Top With Gregory Aziz

When any business person is setting up their business, their dream is to see it flourish. However, with the great plans and strategies, this still doesn’t happen. This is because we may be missing out on the essentials that build a prestigious business. One way of gauging whether you still on the track is reading about other investors before you. Here, you get an idea of what to expect and how to deal with certain issues in the business. We also learn that they never gained success in a day. It is through hard work and commitment that it happened. Gregory Aziz is one of the individuals, who business person looks out for to learn.


Gregory J Aziz, is the president, chairman and chief executive officer of National Steel Car. Over the decades, the company has gained a lot of popularity. This is as a result of the quality products that the company has been offering the people. The company has received several awards as well. For example, they have received the TTX SECO awards severally. The company also finds pride in the fact that, National Steel Car is the only railroad company that is certified by ISO 9001:2008.


Greg Aziz says that the success of the company has been facilitated by the customers and the staff. The staff of the National Steel Car is very dedicated to seeing that the company remains a success. Gregory James Aziz has taught them the importance of unity and teamwork. He has also induced the spirit of diligence and determination to the staff. Click Here For More Information.


The clients have also contributed substantially to the success of the National Steel Car. This is through their feedback and suggestions. The company highly values the opinion of the customer. Through the clients, they get to know what their expectations are. The National Steel Car is also able to rectify their mistakes. Over the years, the company has made a lot of changes in the National Steel Car. This is to improve its quality and ensure they satisfy their customers.


Gregory James Aziz says that the company will continue providing quality goods to the customers. The company aims always to be the lead. This is why they keep challenging themselves to ensure that they are a step ahead. Through their CEO Greg Aziz, the clients are confident that the only change they can expect is an improvement.

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Gregory Aziz Puts National Steel Car in the Global Map

Greg James Aziz is undoubtedly one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation. He is currently the chairperson, president and CEO of National Steel Car: a global leader in the engineering and manufacturer of railroad freight cars. The renowned businessman was born in 1949 in London, Ontario. Gregory James Aziz studied at Ridley College before majoring in Economics at the University of Western Ontario.


Greg Aziz entered the business world through his family’s hospitality business. Under his innovative leadership, the wholesale food business made significant strides to become a global importer of fresh foods. The firm expanded its operations by importing fresh produce from Europe, and South America and in turn distributes to Canada and the United States.



Gregory J Aziz acquires and drives National Steel Car to a global industry leader


Greg Aziz continued his great commitment in business, he worked on a number of investment banking ventures before eventually buying national steel car. He had a dream of transforming the firm into industry leader in the manufacture of railroad freight cars in the entire North America. At the time of acquisition, National Steel Car had a production ability of 3,500 per year. James capitalized on the company’s unique engineering capabilities, special staff team and made additional investment in human resource and capital. The strategy paid hugely as the firm was able to expand its production to 12,000 cars just within 5 years after acquisition. It is interesting to note that employee base also increased from 600 to about 3000 over the same period.


The company currently builds several thousands of railroad freight cars annually. It is the global industry leader when it comes to innovation of new cars. National Steel Car is the only railroad freight car manufacturer in the whole of North America. The firm is ISO certified, ISO 9001:2008, an honor it has managed to hold over the years. Gregory James Aziz’s organization has on several occasions, been honored by TTX SECO owing to its quality deliverables. Refer to This Article.



Greg Aziz and National Steel Car have continued to show their great commitment towards corporate social responsibility. The Hamilton community has received a number of significant benefits from the business. The organization sponsored a wide range of Hamilton community initiatives including Salvation Army, Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, and United Way just to mention a few. The firm’s staff continues to enjoy annual Christmas parties sponsored by National Steel Car. The employees also take an active role in community food drive initiatives.



Greg James Aziz together and his wife Irene have been the sponsors of Canada’s popular exhibition: The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. With more than 100 years in railroad freight car business, the company has kept the promise on quality products and customer service. Aziz has pointed out that this has been made possible through his team’s tireless efforts on excellence and sustained value on the company’s clients.