Gregory Aziz Reworking National Steel Car from the Ground Up

Gregory James Aziz took over the Canadian manufacturer National Steel Car in 1994 and set to work on the workforce and production capacity of the corporation. The company had been severely downsized from the thousands of employees it used to have, and that had affected the manufacturing capacity of the business as well.



As the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of the company, Gregory J Aziz has transformed National Steel Car from the ground up. The company is now international and has a strong bond with its local community in Hamilton, Ontario. The National Steel Car is a philanthropic and oriented towards helping out its local community. One of the values of the business is to give back and to inspire its employees and other businesses in the area to give, be generous and join in on philanthropic efforts whenever possible.


National Steel Car is enriched with a long history as well as it was established more than one hundred years ago in the same place where it stands today. The group of investors that started up the manufacturer were right about its incredible potential as the business started attracting more funders wanting to invest in its career.


The corporation was a leader, and that was wide because it was started up a year before the peak of its line of work came about. The National Steel Car appeared in time for that boom and swept up many clients and investors looking to also profit from the booming industry. Find Related Information Here.



The National Steel Car, however, was also on time for the Great Depression that caused the collapse of most businesses and the downsizing of those that were lucky to pull through. National Steel Car did reduce its ranks severely but started operating at full speed again with the onset of the Second World War. Once it passed, the company was slowing down again and falling behind.



The next owner, Dofasco, never managed to restore the corporation and it had periodical downsizings of its ranks again. That continued until 1994. Gregory J Aziz managed to reestablish the Canadian company and work its values, operation, workforce, and structure. Overall, the National Steel Car grew stronger and is now a leader in its line for work once more.  National Steel Car is also working with clients from the United States of America and will be continuing to expand and working with more foreign clients.



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