Securus Being Sued Unjustly By Global Tel Link

There is a legal battle being waged between two telecommunications companies. You would think this battle would make national headlines but these aren’t your typical telecommunications companies. These two companies — Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link — only do business with correctional facilities through exclusive government contracts. And these companies could not be any more different.


Securus is the good guy. This company has reinvested over $600 million of profit to make its customers happy. Reviews of call quality are good and prices are reasonable. The company holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas Texas and is accredited by the same agency. Accreditation is pretty impressive. The company voluntarily subjected itself to an eight point review and paid for the privilege. Securus passed with flying colors.


Global Tel Link has made the news for all the wrong reasons. The company was recently regulated by the FCC in order to cap its exorbitant interstate call fees. The New York Times ran a piece about this company because many families across the country were breaking the bank to talk to their incarcerated loved ones. The company is notorious for charging a whole host of hidden fees on top of sky-high rates.


Unfortunately, the bad guys have been sued the good guys over technology infringement. It is just a stalling tactic by Global Tel Link because they know they have inferior technology. I hope this lawsuit gets over with quickly and vanquishes Global Tel Link from the industry.


To put a cherry on top of the argument, Securus is famous for innovating for law enforcement. There is a contraband sulfone jammer and locator that the company employees to help keep prison safe. They have also innovative software to assist law enforcement officers searching for information inside a database of recorded telephone calls.


Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Serves 60,000 Subscribers

Paul Mampilly started working at The Sovereign Society in 2016 where he acted as a Senior Editor. He played a vital role in assisting Main Street Americans to acquire wealth in growth investing, technology, unique opportunities and small-cap stocks. Paul is a former hedge fund manager and has also worked on Wall Street for two decades for clients like Kinetics International, ING, and Deutsche Bank. In 2009, Paul won an investments competition that was organized by the Templeton Foundation. The winning was attributed to the fact that he turned a $50 million investment into $88 million representing a 76 percent increase during the height of the economic crisis without shorting stocks.

Paul Mampilly signed to one of the top publishing firm known as Banyan Hill last year to begin Profits Unlimited with the aim of helping Main Street Americans to invest in lucrative investment opportunities. As part of this business venture, Mampilly vouch for new stock in an eight-page newsletter he sends to his subscribers every month. He manages this by updating them each week on one or two stocks in the model portfolio while tracking how the investment is performing on his site.

Instead of investing his subscriber’s capital on their behalf, they are allowed to purchase the stocks using their brokerage accounts. This offers an innovative alternative to traditional arrangements between a financial counselor and his customers. One of the subscribers says that he has purchased the recommended stocks and they are performing pretty well. The client confesses that it is the most lucrative business investment in the stock market that he has ever experienced.

Another subscriber says that in the last three decades of fiddling with the stock market, Paul Mampilly has never worked with any financial advisor who is brilliant and outstanding like Paul Mampilly. The subscriber wrote in to claim that he had received an income of $45190 and he attributed his success in the stock market to Mampilly’s recommendations.

Paul is a financial advisor who believes that human life will be revolutionized by the innovations hitting the marketplace. The revolution will produce massive investment opportunities for creating more wealth for individuals who know what firms will benefit and what stocks to purchase.


Personal Cyber Security with Rubica Company

Cyber Security-Rubica Company

Nothing is devastating like your information landing on unauthorized hands. Information on wrong hands can be hazardous because it is used to break your life. Hacker’s use the information on their hands for self-gain. Some of the risks of cyber hacking include;

  • Destruction of valuable data
  • Loss of funds
  • Reduced productivity
  • Exhaustion of personal financial resources
  • Loss of intellectual property

Cyber Insecurity is on the rise, and it is raising alarms on the need to direct special attention to the cyber security sector. Take for instance the incident where the ransomware inscribed itself in over 300,000 computers in 150 nations. A study shows that in future the ransomware threat is expected on to rise to roughly $101 billion. The cyber-attacks are targeting sensitive sectors and individuals on a daily basis.

Being hacked can lead to depression due to the harsh consequences. As a politician, your information landing on your opponents hands; may mean stepping down unwillingly following the threat of being exposed to the public. Apart from losing your political life, the leaked information causes family issues as well. This is because everyone has a right to privacy.

However, close family members do not appreciate some leaked information. The hackers choose on the most critical information when they want to attack you: this is because only essential information will make you cooperate and provide them with what they have. The hacking therefore takes you step backs when it happens.

The powerful politicians in big states including the USA have felt the pinch of cyber insecurity. Hillary Clinton was a victim of the ransomware threats during her campaigns. A series of her emails made the headlines: emphasizing on the need for Personal cyber security.

Is there a way out of the ransomware threats at the moment?

Rubica Company, founded in 2016; helps in providing cyber security as well as peoples security. The Rubica software runs through all the computer programs and phone applications scanning of any ransomware in the gadgets.

Rubica software protects your personal cyber security and your family in this digitalized century. It pays a background check on all the activities of your devices and alerts you to any malicious information or, any suspicious information. Following the warning, you can take quick action preventing any damage that could have been caused.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Benefits of New LRIS Online Service

After training their staff to handle more than 10,000 phone calls, the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) launched a new online portal. The new portal aims to lessen the stress level of New York residents seeking legal help. Lower stress levels are just the first benefit of the new online portal.

Additionally, this new service is more convenient and easier to use. Before, the LRIS used a telephone service that was only available during business hours. The new online portal is available 24 hours a day, but the old phone service will still be optional.

According to State Bar President Claire P. Gutekunst, every attorney referred by the LRIS is in good legal standing with the State Bar. Their credentials are up to par with what the State Bar requires. When someone is matched with one of the lawyers, they should feel confident in the abilities of that lawyer.

Also, the new online service is beneficial to the lawyers themselves. For lawyers working at smaller firms, the service is a great way to find new clients. Elena Jaffe Tastensen, a Saratoga Springs attorney, has used the LRIS to add to her client list for over 10 years.

Jeremy Goldstein’s career began shortly after graduation. His first big job was at the law firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz. While there, Jeremy Goldstein was introduced to executive compensation and corporate governance. He left Wachtell to found his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. His firm is renowned for its legal advice.

Since founding his firm, Jeremy Goldstein has become one of the top corporate governance and executive compensation lawyers in the country. He’s had many articles published about corporate governance and often speaks about matters of executive compensation.

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Eli Gershkovitch – The Beer Czar

Although the czars and royalty are an introduction themselves. But then the name Eli Gershkovitch is synonymous with Steamworks Craft Breweries. As an introduction allow us to add that he is the owner and CEO of Steamworks.

Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks – The History and the journey

This beer journey started way back in 1995. Like any innovator and visualizer, he sensed that there is nascent, but scarcely available, demand for craft beer.
And hence an enterprise was born and now they are in the 22nd year of serving
craft beer.

He started serving his beer from his pub. Eli Gershkovitch, slowly built-up on this foundation. He preferred the tried-and-tested model of growing organically. Apart from upscaling the seating capacity at his flagship pub in Glasgow, he also added other properties to serve his craft beer.

Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks – The current

The pallets of his regulars strove for ever more of his brew. But there were other avenues to conquer and other beer aficionados to quench. Come 2013 he took his operations from a micro pub scale to a massive scale of a brewery.

Hence came the branded and bottled craft beer from Eli Gershkovitch. And with this mega-step, it was time conquer other geographical frontiers. Now it is already an international brand, with operations in one-third of the US. And they have crossed the colloquial seven seas with operations spanning Europe and Asia.

Eli Gershkovitch – Some interesting facts.

Eli Gershkovitch is a licensed pilot and sometimes indulges in flying one of his personal jets. When the jets are there in his hangers how classic cars be far behinds. Eli Gershkovitch has a panache for acquiring classic cars.

If you fancy some craft beer, do try Steamwork’s from an array of more than 12 flavors. The Option of sipping it in the hustle bustle of a pub, or enjoying it on your couch while watching TV at home. That prerogative is all yours!

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Richard Mishaan Design: Redefining Interior Designs for Homes and Offices in New York

Richard Mishaan is an interior designer whose art is unmatched in the United States and by extension in the entire globe. His sense of fashion is parallel to none of his competitors. He is the founder Richard Mishaan Design, the firm through which he exercises his art. Richard is an alumnus of Columbia University School of Architecture from where he has a degree in Architecture and New York University where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree. He started his career in the late 80s when he was given a chance by Philip Johnson to serve as an apprentice.



Notable Projects by Richard Mishaan Design



Some of the projects that Richard Mishaan Design has worked on include Upper West Side Townhouse, 93rd Street Sales Center, and Hampton Summer Home. These projects, which are all in New York, exhibit a unique touch of color and sophistication. Upper West Side Townhouse, in particular, is a benchmark for many designers wishing to go far in designing family homes.



Mishaan’s Books



Mr. Mishaan doesn’t shy away from sharing his experience in the world of art with upcoming artists and with the world. This passion of sharing information prompted him to author two books: Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Modern Luxury was released in May 2009. The Artfully Modern, on the other hand, was released in November 2014. The Monacelli Press published the two books, and they both explain how Richard Mishaan Design works.



Mishaan’s Childhood



Having spent his entire childhood in Cartagena, Colombia, his native country, Richard Mishaan had a chance to interact and familiarize with beautiful and colorful Colombian landscape. This explains why he always gets it right when blending colors for his art. He also spent time in Italy and Bogota before moving to New York in the 70s. This mixed upbringing has contributed immensely in molding Richard to the creative designer that he is today. This creativity gives Richard Mishaan Design an edge over the other interior designers.


Richard Blair Unveils Quality Financial Planning Information.

Richard Blair is a great resource for anyone that has been looking for an opportunity to build a better path to financial success. It is very possible that Richard Blair can help people that may have never considered financial planning as an option before.


There are always people that believe that they do not have enough money to save, but Richard Blair is evidently giving people new hope when it comes to setting aside money for college funds for children, retirement and general wealth preservation. Learn more:


The thing that Richard Blair is able to help people do better than anything is develop a financial plan where they do not have to spend every waking moment worried about how their money is being invested.


Richard is able to give people access to a plethora of index funds that can add a great amount of diversity to a portfolio. This can alleviate some of the stress that comes with trying to predict what stocks will provide the best returns on investment. No stock is always going to be on an upward move. Sometimes the return on investment may not be as great as one expects when it comes to stocks. This is why Richard Blair gives people more options to consider other things that they can put their money in.



The great thing about having someone like Richard Blair in place is the wealth of advice that investors have at their disposal. There are a lot of people that are wondering just how much they can afford to put away for their Investments. Many people will assume that they are not putting away enough, but a small amount can be great when one realizes the value of compound interest. What Richard Blair can do is help people to find ways to invest even when they do not believe that they have the ability to do so.


What Richard Blair is able to do is give people better insight on how they can bring more money into their portfolio. He can guide those investors that maybe interested in a portfolio that includes annuities, money market funds, stocks, mutual funds and ETFs vestments. When people diversify in this way they have a much better chance of getting a return on investment of sizable proportions over the years. Richard Blair can help people orchestrate the right financial plans that can bring them to a better place. Learn more: