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Maven Accepts Ross Levinsohn as CEO

Ross Levinsohn is a media, technology and communications expert and entrepreneur. His auspicious career began in 1985 with an entrepreneurial launch of a production business. He and a co-founder, who also graduated from American University the same year, successfully operated the business for several years. They sold it and moved on to different opportunities in […]

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Contribution towards the Transformation of the Information Technology Industry

Besides being a civil engineer, Haroldo Jacobovicz is also an entrepreneur interested in the information technology industry. He is the founder of Data Centre, Horizon telecom, and e-Govern group. His main objective was to establish companies that could solve information technology issues using the latest innovations. These companies have remarkably impacted markets in public and […]

Matthew Fleeger Top Ranked CEO

Matthew Fleeger is the president, and CEO of Gulf Coast company. The company deals with domestic oil and gas in the U.S Gulf region. With Fleeger’s expert knowledge, the company was expected to grow successfully. Matthew is a graduate of Finance and Marketing a filed he liked much. Fleeger worked to ensure Gulf Coast Western […]

Beachbody and Shakeology: A Winning Combination

As one of the more popular and profitable ventures associated with Carl Daikeler’s Beachbody empire, the Shakeology line-up of products has been carefully designed to act as healthful complements to the program’s intensive, high-impact workout regimens. These nutrient-dense shake mixes incorporate a global array of superfood ingredients as well as whole grains, trace vitamins and […]

Min-Liang Tan: Razer Gaming Firm

COVID 19 pandemic has affected several companies. Razer is among the firms that survived the pandemic. The company took the situation to smash records in revenue, profitability, innovation, and raise its debt-free cash file. Market capitalization went up to HK $20bn (£1.7bn, $2.5bn). They also raised their revenue to HK $20bn (£1.7bn, $2.5bn) throughout the […]