An article from CSQ explains why Ryan Kavanaugh decided to sue an individual named Ethan Klein along with his podcast H3. First, Ryan Kavanaugh is known as the founder and principal of Proxima and Relativity Media. He explains he sued Klein due to false claims that he used to make income off of. The main reason for the lawsuit stemmed from Ethan Klein showing one of the big fights by Triller for free to his main podcast audience. Not only does he state they broadcasted the event for free to millions of individuals but chose to make money off it through ad sales and various sponsorships. YouTube was contacted and the video was later taken down, however, Kavanaugh reflects it was simply too late as millions watched the event for free from pirates. Klein and the company were also enriched by this action. Although others also streamed the fight illegally for free, H3 and Klein used it to make a profit. Triller takes these things seriously because they had to spend millions to run the event between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. To make matters even worse, not only did H3 earn money by illegally broadcasting the event, they did not show any remorse for it but, instead, bragged about it. The individual then chose to say what was going on with his fanbase.

Ryan Kavanaugh wants to make it clear he is not personally suing Klein but Triller is. Even though he is the co-founder and a shareholder of the company, he states the decision was made as a team and not sorely by him. Kavanaugh states Klein has used his platform to spread misinformation on the matter through eight posted podcasts attacking his character. He even compares him to controversial figure Harvey Weinstein and encouraged his followers to share and post the content to get it high in Google’s search results. He suggests Klein has even paid money to slander his name on Wikipedia and by pushing misleading articles stating false claims such as Kavanaugh having two DUIs and being involved in employee negligence. Ryan Kavanaugh explains he was simply left with no option but to sue due to Klein’s coordinated social media attacks and false claims. The co-founder of Triller believes this is simply a case of a powerful figure using social media to cause harm and damage to an individual’s upright character through lies and deceit. He ends by saying how this can happen to any business or individual and hopes the result will serve as a precedent for others to not follow Klein’s actions.

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