Wes Edens, the Chairman, and CEO of New Fortress Energy have teamed up with the Basketball Africa League and the international nonprofit organization Trees for the Future to increase environmental awareness and improve environmental education in African schools. New Fortress Energy helps them use new forms of affordable and cleaner forms of energy.

The players, fans and, teams of the Basketball Africa League will take on the task of increasing environmental responsibility by educating people about cleaner and more sustainable energy usage. BAL provides schools with training and other resources to learn sustainable practices. Wes Edens and BAL provide water and sanitation facilities and train students in composting and recycling. They give gardening and agriculture lessons including planting and cleaning up after lessons. The focus of the project is to make this generation an environmentally responsible generation and to give them a sustainable future. The goal of the project is to make a positive impact on the communities where the schools are located.

The first Green Legacy School Project designed by Wes Edens and BAL was launched at the Lycee Yoff Village in Senegal. The project donated recycling stations and handwashing stations at the school. Ecological waste was removed from public areas and improved a forest garden in the school. The school infrastructure was expanded and improved so that its 2000 students can live, work and, play safely and comfortably. BAL and NFE have also increased the tree cover in Senegal and Africa by donating over 100,000 trees and $30,000 to African environmental organizations and farmers.

Wes Edens and BAL are committed to giving this generation of Africans a cleaner and greener environment by improving infrastructure and training. The goal of BAL and NFE is to not only give Africa a sustainable future but make a positive environmental impact across the planet.

Learn more about Wes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wes_Edens