All entrepreneurs, regardless of their industries in the market, want to enjoy longevity. A recent study revealed that most businesses in the world collapsed before they could celebrate their fifth birthday in the market. Most investors in the world will also chose to stay away from investments who are less than ten years in the market because of the risk of collapsing. Starting any small business and growing it to make it successful and attractive to consumers does not happen overnight. After years of hard work and sacrifice, it is very possible to be the owner of a successful business.

Stephen Bittel moved above numerous challenges in the Florida market so that he could become the owner of Terranova Corporation. Stephen Bittel moved into the market when he was still studying in campus. This meant that he did not have too much money in his bank account. The leader had passion and desire to bring transformation into his hometown. This passion is what led the businessman to accelerate his business growth. Today, he is not scared of the inevitable cycles that come into the lives of investors. His goal is not always on the negative stories. The businessperson pushes himself to effectively handle problems and bring results in tough situations.

The secret of handling real estate challenges in not known by many professionals in the Florida market. Stephen Bittel was very fortunate to celebrate his forty one years in the Florida real estate market. This market a very special time in the life of the businessman. Apart from being forty one years old, this commercial real estate company is among the most successful and respected in the market. For these forty one years, the organization has witnessed six tough recessions. When things looked horrible for the company, Stephen Bittel remained hopeful that he could withstand.