Scott DylanWhile businesses take different directions and sell different products, they share one thing in common – they were all started by a person and are led by a person or a group of persons. With this in mind, one can imagine how people with different traits and personalities lead businesses. It is after looking at different businesses and their leaders that Fresh Thinking Group CEO Scott Dylan though of the right and wrong traits that should and should not be displayed at work. According to Mr. Dylan, while some traits should be present and emulated across all businesses, there are those that should not be copied and carried to the work place especially by company heads.

For many years, Scott Dylan has been in the helm of Fresh Thinking Group, he has seen and learnt a lot, which he believes will be of great importance if young entrepreneurs put the valuable information into practice. Scott Dylan starts by acknowledging that it is not easy to lead a company especially a national or multinational company. “It is not easy to become a leader of a firm. Company managers do a lot of work. Making decisions is not an easy thing. If a company head makes the right decision, the company will reap big but if he makes wrong decisions, the company fall down flat,” argues Fresh Thinking Group co-partner and founder Scott Dylan. Further, the Fresh Thinking Group head Scott Dylan mentions the important character traits a good manager should have. Dylan says, “Good managers are motivational speakers. Yes, they should be able to motivate others especially junior employees who in one way or another may be heartbroken thinking that they are overworked while underpaid.”

Fresh Thinking Group’s Scott Dylan goes on to mention other traits that are necessary for a good manager when he says that a 21st century leader should be a good communicator. Besides, Scott says it is important for a company manager to be emotionally strong so that he/she should be able to motivate others especially when the company is not doing well. Dylan’s final character trait for a company head is to be result-oriented.