Caribou When Dave Antrobus and Scott Dylan decided to start Caribou in 2012, no one among them thought the startup would be a big thing. Today, more than nine years later, it continues to be one of the biggest logistical companies England has ever had. Getting a few lessons from the founders is one of the greatest achievements that young entrepreneurs will learn in the country. Also known as DTD Logistics Solutions Ltd, the company offers logistical answers to companies located in Manchester, London, Leeds, and other major towns and cities in the UK. To be able to form b Caribou, Antrobus and Dylan spent several months thinking about what the company would do.

Initially, it was set to handle basic things such as packets, parcels, and the delivery of mails for clients from one corner where the company offered its services to the other. In order to touch base, its founders had to depend on some of the companies that had taken root. They were lucky to find a company that had been in business for some 20 years. The good thing about this approach is that the company had spent all the 20 years in the delivery industry, thus it was the best thing to base their training on it. According to Dave Antrobus, it is in the Caribou’s DNA to continue being the leader in the delivery and logistics business than to be a mere follower.


So far, it has embraced technology to be its driver as the company continues to take the lead among other logistics and delivery companies across the United Kingdom. With the help of its local and international partners, Scott Dylan says Caribou has shown business in the UK that it is possible for the delivery and logistics industry to thrive amid Covid-19. For now, the two leaders have put the emphasis of ensuring that Caribou not only proves to be a leader locally but also continue to be number one in ensuring optimum delivery of mail, and parcels from sender to the receiver. Going forward, Caribou will be the frontier in the delivery industry as the firm makes use of technology to run its business.