Jack MasonWith an eye for an innovative, creative environment, Jack maintains a hands-on approach, supporting his collective’s business partners from the ground up and working through the inevitable challenges. Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO is well positioned to head the partnership, and offers up his own insight into the importance of becoming a disruptor in the digital era. With his ability to run a fast-paced, high-stakes operation, and strong customer service approach, the partnership is sure to thrive as a formidable force.

The Inc & Co Collective was formed in Jun 26, 2019 to support the regional tech ecosystem and facilitate its growth, providing a unique space where professionals can work together to grow their respective businesses. One of its more controversial elements was the exclusive £10m investment fund that was initially launched by Jack Mason.

Having studied a Master of Science in Business and Management, Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO is considered to be an expert in the field of Business and Administration. His knowledge has been garnered over the last ten years and under his guidance, Inc & Co has built a strong reputation as a leading company in the digital sector.

Jack founded the original Manchester Phone Exchange – a pioneering telecommunications business that was sold to a private equity group in 2004. He went on to establish a successful recruitment agency, hiring and training over 300 candidates within five years. He then went on to launch Inc & Co, a progressive digital marketing company that has enjoyed rapid growth. Your business will benefit from Inc & Co’s broad range of services. These include:

Jack Mason

  • Pillar Services: Support with administrative tasks that are crucial to successful companies.
  • Social Media & Email Marketing: For websites, clients, and their employees.
  • Influencer Marketing: Identifying and working with influencers that will benefit your company and sell your brand.
  • Brand & Creative Strategy: Including both logo and website development as well as ideas for branding and marketing.
  • Marketing Services: Integrating this range of services into your business, giving you a boost of growth and exposure.

Jack is one of the UK’s leading digital entrepreneurs, having worked with some of the biggest names in technology, most notably in the digital world and also in high-tech private equity and the health industry. He has a wide experience in business consulting, executive recruitment, entrepreneurship and specialist media across the UK and the USA. Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO sees the key to creating winning teams in the workplace as knowing your workforce, understanding their strengths and allowing them to be creative and do what they love.