When you have enjoyed that sumptuous drink in a plastic bottle, do you care where the bottle goes to after you are done? I bet not. In this piece of writing, we will explore the negative impact that plastics have had on the environment. It has been proven that there is a massive heap of plastics floating on the Pacific Ocean, equivalent to triple the size of France. It is famously referred to as the “great pacific garbage patch”. The trash has been estimated to be around 1.8 trillion in plastic pieces. The experts ascertain that the trash does not only pose an adverse danger to aquatic life but also the human population. It has been established that when micro plastics are ingested by aquatic life, they can end up into seafood that is deliciously enjoyed by humans.

The environmentalists also estimate that by the years 2050, humans across the globe will have produced approximately 27 billion tons of municipal waste if nothing is done to curb the menace. The municipal solid waste has adversely affected the planet in that it is a horrifying and sad sight to see an island formed from human waste. On a positive note, various governments across the globe have stepped up to make sure that there is a sustainable future.

Additionally, the CEO of one of the largest and reputable waste management companies, Vik Bansal is optimistic about the future. Vik Bansal the CEO of Cleanaway is confident about the innovation and organization that is aimed at easing the waste management scam. Vik Bansal is one of the prominent people across the globe and throughout his career he has gained exemplary leadership skills. He has one of the greatest track records in making sure that some of the prominent companies register significant growth, change, and development under his leadership. His exemplary career record is recognized in Australia, the US, and Asia.

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