Posigen is a solar installation company that is committed to making a difference in the communities they serve. The company is on a mission to make solar access available to the marginalized in society. They provide easy and affordable access to solar panels that target people of color, especially from poor communities and neighborhoods. Posigen is running a solar leasing program that makes families and communities invest in their homes. In the process, the company helps families save money; otherwise, it would have been used to pay and settle utility bills. The steps Posigen has taken are promising a brighter future for the company and the entire communities they serve.


Posigen gets guided by a mantra of making a difference in their communities and making green energy, solar power, an affordable alternative form of energy. The primary goal of Posigen is to ensure families from middle and low-income areas have access to and can afford solar power is one of their primary goals (Ideamensch).


Several goals guide the functions and overall working at Posigen. Some of these goals include the following:


They have a positive impact on the communities they serve. Posigen gets committed to assisting families to save on the utility bills they pay every month by providing an alternative form of energy that is accessible and not as costly as the other forms of energy available. Solar energy leasing programs allow families to save on the costs and expenses they incur in settling their bills. 

The PosiGen solar power company has an outstanding policy that their customers save a dollar better than Posigen makes a dollar. Providing job opportunities to marginalized communities they work with. The solar power company is one of the few companies in the United States that values and supports communities they work with directly. A lot of the labor force that Posigen uses comes from the communities they work with and serve. Approximately 60 percent of Posigen employees are persons of color and women, supporting them to grow professionally. There are few companies with such a high number of women and persons of color working in a big corporate company like Posigen.