Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger Dallas leads a company, Gulf Coast Western that has grown from its humble beginnings to what it is today, with an energy portfolio of companies and products that cover exploration, refining, and other industries such as cement and coal handling, and water handling. Today, Gulf Coast is the No. 1 provider of refined petroleum products in the U.S., owns a substantial non-regulated hydrocarbon gathering system in Ohio.

Mr Fleeger started in 1974 as a mechanical engineer for Exxon at the Crosby Texas Refinery, with a formal professional engineering license in hand by 1975. During the next 20 years, he accumulated several other senior technical positions. In 1982, he left Exxon for Emery Worldwide, Inc., a consulting company in Houston, Texas. He subsequently became its Chief Technology Officer and, in 1987, as its Vice President of Technology.

Matthew’s seeds were planted while he was still at Yale University. In 1976, the United States experienced an energy crisis, and many companies were struggling to get back on their feet. Matthew Fleeger Dallas was looking for a job and decided that his role as a teacher would be too passive for his tastes. He spent many hours at a friend’s desk analyzing petroleum opportunities. During this time, Matthew began experimenting with oil and gas exploration with an eye on economic diversification.

Matthew’s growing knowledge of the industry turned his attention to new developments in unconventional drilling. The first oil fields in the United States were formed in the 1880s in the Tuscaloosa and Caney Springs areas of Oklahoma. GWC is a for-profit business headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. The firm deals with the production, development, and exploitation of oil and gas properties in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Coast has spent the better part of the last decade advancing its core business. In 2012, GWC completed a four million dollar find in the Devonian Green Canyon block 45 project near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The company’s majority-owned development well met its primary objective of providing a flow-through opportunity to the underground formations producing from the Caney Formation.

Matthew Fleeger

The company commercializes the estimated recoverable reserves of approximately 26 million barrels from its Green Canyon Block 45 discovery.

Matthew Fleeger Dallas has an impressive resume with over two decades of expertise in the private equity and investment community. Throughout his profession, he has experienced firsthand the challenges of overcoming them with the support of a visionary CEO and proven strategy.