Marc Berman, writing for, sings the praises of a remarkable family in the Milwaukee area, the Kryshaks, upon their reception of the Gwen T. Jackson Award from the United Way. The article, “Loretta Kryshak of Rebel Reform Accepts Gwen T. Jackson Award for COVID Relief Efforts”,notes that the family matriarch, Loretta, accepted on behalf of the family – husband Michael, son Thaddeus, and daughter Violet – and of their company, Rebel Reform. It is her acceptance speech that Berman focuses on in his article, and uses as the platform to laud this family of philanthropists.


Berman quotes Loretta Kryshak as saying that the family considers volunteering a responsibility. Kryshak then went on to explain how the family business responded to the shortage of face masks and PPE material during the pandemic. Kryshak noted how her son, Thaddeus, realized that their company had the materials to make N95 masks. Thaddeus designed a mask, which was then manufactured and distributed by volunteers and organizations in the Milwaukee area. 


Loretta’s daughter, Violet, managed Rebel #MaskupMKE, which recruited volunteers and educated the local Milwaukee population of safety protocols. According to the article, 4 million face masks were ultimately distributed by Rebel Reform. This added to the family’s already considerable charitable efforts, which the author goes on to list. Berman then writes about Loretta Kryshak’s role in Rebel Reform as their chief researcher of collaborating organizations. The article ends by pointing out that the Kryshaks are in no need of money for their causes, but they do encourage fellow Milwaukeeans to find “opportunities to create new wealth to share toward building a healthier, happier, and more prosperous community.”