BeachbodyThroughout his long career, Carl Daikeler has continually proven his exceptional marketing prowess. While he had a traditional career in this field prior to 1998, he left it behind to launch BeachBody with Jon Congdon. The partners put everything they had into the success of a single workout DVD. This direct-to-consumer product was marketed well, and the eight-minute abdominal workout became a monstrous success.

In fact, its success is what enabled the partners to amass what is now a huge library of more than 1,500 videos. Over the years, many of the other workouts have been just as popular as the first one. One example is the P90x program. However, CEO Carl Daikeler had the vision to see that the future did not lie in direct-to-consumer DVDs. DVDs were waning in popularity, and consumers wanted to have access to more than one or a few workout DVDs. Daikeler drew from his extensive understanding of the market and from his marketing experience to reformulate the company’s primary business model. Specifically, direct-to-consumer DVDs have given way to the BeachBody On-Demand streaming video subscription service. The cost of the subscription is negligible compared to that of a gym membership, and all subscribers have unhindered access to the company’s entire library of workout programs. This structure crossed off the line items for affordability and variety, and it gave the company a revenue stream that is more sustainable and steadier going forward.


While Carl Daikeler has modernized this segment of the company, he did not change the Shakeology line. This beverage line continues to be in demand because it is the ideal complement to the company’s workout programs. Shakeology features nutrient-filled drinks that offer numerous benefits. These include energy support and weight management support.

Over the years, Daikeler also played a key role in establishing BeachBody Foundation, and he has been a direct financial contributor to the group. This segment pulls together and disburses funding for a number of relevant causes. These have included Save-a-Warrior, International Justice Mission, Upward Bound House and more.