Born and raised in Chicago, Tim Murawski went on to graduating with a bachelor’s degree in operations management and supervision, Murawski soon began a career in the research and development facility. Not long after working within this facility did he discover his preference for sales instead. Tim Murawski started the sales of medical devices at Baxter International Inc. While working at this establishment, Murawsi was able to gain visuals of how the industry worked and soon became fond of the impact towards selling transforming technology that enhanced the safety and quality of many lives. 


Tim Murawski soon teamed up with General Surgical Innovations out in Cupertino, California. There he was able to rank as the territory sales manager and shortly after named the sales manager for the West Region. Life soon took off within the medical industry and made a huge impact within the surgical robotics field. Tim Murawski joined this company as an account manager in August 2000 and eventually went on to be the area sales director. By 2008, Tim Murawski joined a California based medical robotics company, Hansen Medical. 


Being known for bringing augmented reality technology to spinal surgery, Tim Murawski developed a pretty high standing name for himself. He currently holds the title as President and Chief Commercial Office over the Augmedics, medical device company. He started off dedicating ten years of his life within Mazor Robotics for Caesarea Israel, another medical device company. Starting off as a regional sales director Tim Murawski made his way to vice president of global renaissance business by August 2017. The years dedicated to growing this business, Murawski was able to grow this company into a 1.6 Billion company.