As young as 10 years old, Lou Taylor became well known for his roles as an actor who really had no interest in acting. Not until his aunt convinced him to try out for a role at the Sundance Music Festival did he even consider it. His teenage years were when his interest in acting really took off. When he was 12 years old he played Friedrich in The Sound of Music on Broadway, and his role in the 2005 play, Thumbsucker, caught movie producer’s attention, although his debut as an actor came even earlier, in 2002, for his excellent acting in Personal Velocity: Three Portraits.

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Born in Seaside Heights, New Jersey in 1985, and graduating from the Christian Brothers Academy in New Jersey, Lou Taylor has a long list of movie, television, and theater roles that have earned him fame and fortune. Lou, in his teen years, starred in Anything Goes, God Spell, and The Christmas Carol. You may remember him in the American Horror Story, Falling Water, Halt and Catch Fire, and the Answer Man. In 2005 Vince D’Onofrio was his father in The Thumbsucker, and a year later Lou worked with Vince D’Onofrio once again on the television show, Law and Order, Criminal Intent. Other TV shows you may have seen him on are Chicago P.D., Empire Falls and Jesus of Suburbia.

As the years went by, Lou Taylor found himself trying out for roles in other well known movies such as The Story of Luke, Spring, All Together Now, Poor Boy, Ava’s Possession, Brotherhood, Horsemen, The Informers, and many more. He has earned awards from The Sundance Film Festival, and in 2013, Evil Dead was a box office hit, but it was his role in Personal Velocity: Three Portraits that earned him his debut in 2002.

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