All successes are the result of various factors. A common theme among companies and individuals that succeed grandly is instinct. Some of the most successful entities in recorded history have made note of trusting their gut feeling and intuition. In addition to intuition, research and information can also inspire success. Data driven operations have increased significantly over the couple of decades. A large reason for this is due to advanced technologies and industry innovation.

The data driven approach involves making decisions based on research and facts. A company can use this data to correlate business goals and key performance indicators. Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants is a fast-growing company that uses data-based strategies to influence company and market growth. The Dallas restaurant was established more than 80 years ago.

Dickey’s began as a local barbecue restaurant operated by a world war veteran. In a new era for the industry and family business, Laura Dickey uses advantages brought on by modern technology to innovate and brand.

In an article entitled “We are passionate about the art of great barbecue.”: Laura Rea Dickey”, The Dickey’s Restaurant CEO states that the restaurant has a strong sense of history, family and competition-style barbecue, where it’s all about the food. Laura tell folks about their story and explain to them who they are and what they’re been doing for 78 years, that brings an authenticity that doesn’t just attract folks to the brand, it’s also what them apart.”

Laura Rea Dickey is an award-winning executive based in Southern United States. The Dallas-based businesswoman is the Chief Executive Officer for Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants. Having more than two decades of marketing and technology experience has assisted Laura throughout her career.

One of Laura’s best-known attributes is incorporating data technology into branding company goals. Texas Christian University is where Laura Dickey earned her undergraduate certification; graduating in 2001. Upon completing her academic curriculum, she accepted a role working with Murray Brown Creative Group, a specialty design firm.

Other organizations that the CEO worked for includes The Richards Group, Blue Mesa, and The American Heart Association. Dickey’s career at Dickey’s Barbecue began in 2009 when she joined as a marketing consultant. Her addition to the family business has accelerated company growth on a countrywide scale. See this page for additional information.


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