Kip Lewis has been in business for more than 25 years. He launched Lewis Investment when he was just 27 years old with a total capital of $2,000. Today, Lewis Investments is located in Round Rock, Texas just a short distance away for Austin, Tx.


Kip Lewis has invested in a variety of properties and is proud of the humble beginnings of Lewis Investments.

The Beginnings

KIP Lewis’s first purchase was a mobile home park of 35 acres, located in the La Frontera development. Since then, the property is grown to 60 Acres and is still a holding of Louis Investments.

Lewis owns a small utility company as well, offering Water and Wastewater services for a few hundred people.


In 25 years, Lewis has acquired more than 2000 RV sites and has developed nearly 1,000 new sites in Central Texas.


Today, Lewis Investments is a successful real estate company. Kip believes his team is more than just a business team. They are family and he takes time to develop a personal relationship with employees and with other real estate professionals in the Austin area.


Lewis Investments creates developments with the highest construction standards because its goal is to have a long-term investment. As a full-service Real Estate investment company Lewis invests in the following types of real estate.

Custom buildings

Industrial warehousing

Manufactured housing

RV parks

Retail spaces

Kip Lewis also believes in sharing. As such, he gives back to the community, participates in community projects, and been a part of the Round Rock Historical Society for many years. His company also participates in efforts to help prevent homelessness and create low-income housing for people who can’t afford to buy their own homes.


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