Besides being a civil engineer, Haroldo Jacobovicz is also an entrepreneur interested in the information technology industry. He is the founder of Data Centre, Horizon telecom, and e-Govern group. His main objective was to establish companies that could solve information technology issues using the latest innovations.

These companies have remarkably impacted markets in public and private sectors in Brazil. Horizon telecom has become the foremost supplier of telecommunication services since it was founded in 2010. Consequently, it led to the establishment of the Data Centre in 2020.Haroldo Jacobovicz believes through innovation and technology your business should prosper.

His parents inspired him to pursue his engineering career and eventually studied for four and half years at the Federal University of Parana. Before completing his studies, Haroldo Jacobovicz realized he had an interest in information technology more than in civil engineering. Due to his passion for the future of technology, he continually read information technology-based materials ranging from magazines to newspapers.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s career started before he graduated when he convinced his three friends to start an information Technology Company that would help businesses automate their services. However, the company closed down after a year. He explains that the company’s failure presented a learning opportunity and later realized the small business they targeted was the wrong audience.

Exxon Mobil Company saw great potential in Haroldo Jacobovicz’s ideas and eventually hired him from a group of 200 engineers. He then rose through the ranks and later become the Head of new businesses and commercial strategies at the Exxon Mobil headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. While still in employment, his entrepreneurial dreams continued to grow, and he was confident that there was something he could do to introduce the future of technology. This eventually led to the founding of his three companies which he still leads to date. To know more click: here.