Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is the president, and CEO of Gulf Coast company. The company deals with domestic oil and gas in the U.S Gulf region. With Fleeger’s expert knowledge, the company was expected to grow successfully. Matthew is a graduate of Finance and Marketing a filed he liked much.

Fleeger worked to ensure Gulf Coast Western company’s transparency and build good relationships and trust with other companies. He got involved in charitable activities and philanthropy groups. He loved the act of helping people and the community at large.

Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western partnered with Sadie Keller Foundation, a foundation that was established to help sick children. Sadie was diagnosed with Leukemia and hospitalized. In the hospital, she made friends. During Christmas, Sadie would create toys and gave them as gifts to her friends.

Sadie Keller started an organization that created toys and give them to the sick cancer children in the hospital. The toy gifts gave hope to the sick children, and they felt loved. She asked for help from the government, but all that was in vain. Gulf Coast Western, under Matthew Fleeger, a philanthropist, offered to partner with them. Fleeger donated 25000 dollars to the Sadie foundation, which would be used to buy more toys.

Gulf Coast Western brought a lot of good and stimulated the growth of the Sadie Keller Foundation Toy drive. Fleeger purchased paintings from the Sadie foundation as a way to promote the foundation. Matthew Fleeger Gulf coast Western bought a living house of about 11000 square feet located at Vail Golf Club worth 17 million dollars. He spent more than $7 million to renovate the home, making it more traditional in style. The rooms were modernized, and the widows’ size increased to create a good view of the Mountain.

Matthew Fleeger

Fleeger is passionate about home renovation and has several construction projects. During summer, he targets to sell the house in Vail, which will attract buyers due to its location on the open air of Colorado Mountain. Fleeger sold Vail home of 11 rooms for $57 million, making a profit of 33 million. The renovation construction would always give a