ClassDojo is the perfect classroom application because it enhances proper communication whether students will be in school or not. The app is nicely developed. After all, it updates the learner’s avatar whenever one displays a positive trait. This customized monster perks up the classmates accordingly because even in times of disruptive behavior, it deducts the points.

The app shares videos and photos with guardians or parents. ClassDojo never idles because it plays short growth videos that use Mojo, a perfect green mascot that teaches students how to be perseverant and empathetic. Therefore, the app helps teachers to ensure overall success in the classroom.

Teachers also like the app because it is learner-friendly, the bottom-up strategy has enabled it to be accepted into about 90% of the schools in America. Sam Chaudhary is the ClassDojo’s co-founder and CEO who believes that further explorations should be done into the individuals at work, though that does not happen instantly. ClassDojo is now known in about 180 countries and available in approximately 35 languages. The company claims that the software reaches about 700 million K-8 grade kids daily.

ClassDojo is the cheapest app because it is free to both young learners and teachers. However, it targets parents and guardians by facilitating learning even past the learning hours. Liam Don, the cofounder believes that homes have not been the best places to avail educational resources. Therefore, the app helps parents who cannot afford the private school fee because it has some paid features where guardians can subscribe for the content and can be assured of their children’s education.

Don and Chaudhary started visualizing how this app could become after meeting in Cambridge, and they bonded quickly over the education purpose that has been modified in the last one hundred years. The co-founders were just 25 years old but had the right experience to grow and advance this new educational experience.

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