In a certain Chicago Inno event, Eric Lefkofsky, the Tempus CEO, discussed the health-tech venture as one of the fastest-growing in the market. He also described how the firm helped coronavirus testing as soon as the pandemic started as well as the Chicago struggles to sustain the rising hubs. Eric Lefkofsky claims that Chicago is not competitive like Miami and Austin. Chicago has never matched other cities and with the current standard, it will never because it does not embrace risk and technology.


Other areas are willing to go a notch higher to interact with tech ventures and innovate, and so the massive advantage over Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky claims that Chicago is a perfect city. He thinks that once it garners everything and finds a perfect environment suitable for startups to start and thrive. By doing so, Chicago will compete with other cities. Chicago has all the necessary ingredients to become a tech city because it nears the best universities as well as the Midwest ethic. 


However, the leaders should always invest in the city’s future to prioritize innovation and the tech hubs. The outstanding leadership can move things quickly based on the level of importance. For instance, he assessed GM which was for a long time a normal car venture before it started manufacturing electric vehicles. Eric Lefkofsky explained this as a company doing anything possible to measure up for the future of vehicles by embracing technologies as well as charting a formidable path. Therefore, Chicago should emulate GM and success will follow. 

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