Ophthalmologists such as Dr. Tom S. Chang, MD out of Pasadena, California have seen an increased amount of optical patients and conditions within the past year. Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed how everyone is participating in both work and school. According to Tom S Chang MD, people are home based and utilizing technology such as laptops, tablets and even phones more often than before. This is causing an increased amount of blue light exposure to the eyes. 


Excessive Blue Light Exposure Can Cause:


According to Tom S Chang MD, for individuals suffering from autoimmune disorders such as sjogrens, it is imperative to stay in contact with their rheumatologist as well as ophthalmologists to learn ways to combat the increased risk to their eyes and overall well-being. The most common ways to treat individuals suffering from too much blue light exposure is to utilize blue light lenses, these will reduce the amount of blue light exposure to the eyes. People should also be taking screen time breaks and distancing from screen exposure as often as possible. Dr. Tom S. Chang is also treating eye conditions related to excessive mask wearing. Covid-19 has required that people wear face masks while out in public or interacting with others. The consistent use of these masks is increasing dry eye and causing some ocular discomfort. Doctors are recommending the use of eye drops to help reduce the dry eye condition. Other ways to relieve ocular discomfort from masks is to make sure the mask properly fits and to practice eye hygiene. 


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