As the leading online real estate realtor for high-end properties, Concierge Auctions manages the sale of a penthouse in Sierra Towers. Sierra Towers has been home to prominent entrepreneurs, celebrities, and billionaires in Beverly Hills. Some of the billionaires and celebrities living in the tower are Elton John, David Geffen, Cher, Evander Holyfield, and Joan Collins. Architect Jack Charney designed the mid-century building. By buying the penthouse, the occupant will enjoy Sierra Towers’ amenities, including a modern gym and more

Sierra Towers is a 32-floor house, and the penthouse comprises two units; a one-bedroom and a studio apartment. The buyers will decide to buy the entire floor or the units separately. The official auction for the penthouse is 25th-30th of June. Potential buyers will log into the Concierge Auctions site. Concierge Auctions will make no reservations until the 30th of June, the final day of the auction. The price set for the penthouse is $33.5M.

The Principal for Metropoulos & Co., Evan Metropoulos, owns the penthouse. At Concierge Auctions, the penthouse offers a 7000 square feet indoor space and 4000 square feet of outdoor space. In addition, there is a 15 feet glass fitted from the floor to the ceilings. Therefore, the new owner will enjoy the approved configurations to redesign the penthouse to a six-bedroom unit.