Dr. Natale AndreaAndrea Natale was born and raised in Italy, where he lived with his parents. After completing his high school studies, Dr. Andrea joined one of the major medical institutions in the country. He graduated with a degree in medicine and secured an employment opportunity in one of the hospitals in the country. After several years of working, he moved to Canada, where he believed he would diversify his medical career. He made up his mind and went to the United States.

He worked in a wide range of medical fields in the United States that earned him remarkable experience. In 2005, Natale got an international recognition in medicine after developing an antibody. He was then awarded as the innovator of the year in the United States. This allowed him to get featured in the Cleveland magazine, making him get recognized in the outside world.

Since Natale had super research skills, he continued with his medical research about various medical conditions. By the end of the year 2006, Natale was mentioned as the top doctor across the United States following his achievements in the medical field. For almost three consecutive years while serving at the Cleveland Clinic, Natale was awarded as the innovator of the year. His unique research skills also earned him an award and recognition in the whole world.

Following his continued efforts in taking the health sector to the next level, Andrea Natale was listed among the best doctors in the United States for five years. Throughout the five consecutive years, Natale has received numerous awards as a sign of honor and reward for the work well done. During the American Medical Community Awards, Natale was awarded as the best doctor.

Andrea Natale has become a transformational tool and a mentor among many American youths who are passionate about medical matters. In addition, he has contributed to the success of different health sectors across the United States and other parts of the world.