ZeroAvia is a company who is striving to change how the face of aviation. In doing so they want to create an emission free prototype. They have already received the go and gotten certifications for the two prototype aircrafts they intend to build. NASA iTech chooses ten contestants from a pool of candidates for Cycle 1 or 2 Forums. ZeroAvia was one of the lucky candidates chosen to explain their innovative techniques and technologies to a pool of investors. As all the candidates will be mentioned and recognized for their smart and tedious work the investors will decide upon whom they want to invest their time and money. All of the technologies being mentioned could change the face of space exploration. They could help NASA fulfill the dream of expanding a wider horizon on the growing space market. ZeroAvia’s CEO and founder is anticipating the amazing opportunity to show of the company’s hydrogen-electric fueled powertrain which will change the face of commercial flying. Lowering the fueling costs of flying and also lowering the mechanical costs of the flights. Not only will it be lowering the costs of flying it will also be a zero-emission flight. June of 2020 is when ZeroAvia completed the first electric flight. Shortly after in September of 2020 they were the first company in the world to achieve a running commercial-grade hydro-electric aircraft. ZeroAvia is a part of the cunning edge aviation research. The goal for all the companies and parties involved is to change the face of aviation and space exploration.